Ted Hopf Joins The University of Helsinki Collegium as a Leading Academic and Research Fellow

Besides being a research fellow at the university, the leading academic will work on his upcoming book "A Constructivist History of Khrushchev's Cold War."

Ted Hopf Joins The University of Helsinki Collegium as a Leading Academic and Research Fellow
Singapore, Singapore, November 06, 2021 --(PR.com)-- The renowned co-editor of eight books and solo-author of three books, Ted Hopf, has announced that he is currently working on his book manuscript "A Constructivist History of Khrushchev's Cold War, 1958-1964," which follows on the international award-winning, "Reconstructing the Cold War: The Early Years, 1945-1958."

The leading academic who received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University will work on the upcoming book along with performing his duties as a research fellow at the Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies. He was previously a faculty member at the renowned National University of Singapore, Ohio University, University of Michigan, and the Ohio State University.

Over the years, Hopf has authored a great deal of literature on Russian politics, Moscow's foreign relations, and the Soviet Union. His recent works include Social Construction of International Politics: Identities and Foreign Policies, Making Identity Count: Building a Great Power National Identity Database, and Reconstructing the Cold War: The Early Years, 1945-1958, which was accorded two major book awards. These include the Marshall D. Shulman Book Prize and the APSA Jervis-Schroeder Book Award.

Speaking about the upcoming book, a representative of Ted Hopf said, "The forthcoming volume of Ted Hopf's book relates the discourses of Soviet national identity at home as a socialist country ravaged by a recent war and yet vanguard of the world revolutionary movement to its foreign relations with China, the US, Europe, and the rapidly decolonizing world. Many people are awaiting the book as he's considered to be an expert when it comes to international security, qualitative research methods, international relations, and issues pertaining to the Soviet Union at large."

Professor Hopf has taught several undergraduate and graduate programs over the last few years. The courses that he instructed primarily surrounded qualitative methods, international relations, politics of identity, social theory, food politics, and the rise of China. He also possesses extensive experience in supervising over 40 Ph.D. dissertations.

Moreover, the renowned academic's works have been an integral part of prestigious publications, including the Review of International Studies, American Political Science Review, the European Journal of International Relations, and many more. His recent journal article "The Distribution of identity and the Future of International Order: China's Hegemonic Prospects" was published in the International Organization and made it to the list of "Top Ten Best Works on Political Economy" by Washington Post. It also won an Ablie award in 2018 for "best work on political economy."

About Theodore Hopf
Born in 1959, Ted Hopf is a leading figure in academia. He is well-known for his credible work in constructivism in International relations theory. Hopf is also known for being the Provost Chair Professor in the Political Science Department at various prestigious universities. He is currently working as a Research Fellow at the University of Helsinki Collegium. After graduating from Princeton and Columbia University, he has written and edited multiple books, publications, journals, and articles.

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