The Quest to Commemorate Unsung Filipino Labor Leader, Larry Itliong, with a U.S. Postal Stamp

In trying to bring greater public awareness to the activist efforts of Larry Itliong and the plight of the Filipino farm workers from the mid-20th century in California's Central Valley, a group of supporters are petitioning the United State Postal service to create a commemorative stamp in his honor.

San Jose, CA, November 12, 2021 --( As the United Farm Workers (UFW) are forever known in American history for fighting for fair labor practices, especially for people of color, Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta are typically the names that come to mind in this movement for work safety, equality, and human decency.

A less known but important fact from a labor awareness revolution that started in California’s Central Valley are the significant efforts from Filipino-American labor leader, Modesto Dulay Itliong. Or more affectionately known in local Kern County lore and history as “Larry” and as Chavez’ right-hand man.

Larry Itliong helped bring together Chavez and Huerta to ultimately help organize and lead the great five-year Grape Boycott from 1965-1970. It brought national awareness to the oppression of Filipino farm workers in the City of Delano area that was going for many years.

Itliong’s lifetime achievements and efforts were recently recognized by the State of California, when Governor Gavin Newsome issued the proclamation declaring October 25, 2021 to be “Larry Itliong Day.”

“His actions and beliefs taught me to stand up for what I believe in even when it seems impossible or too difficult. It should never be about me. It should always be about 'We,'” said Patty Itliong Serda from an interview introducing the book, “The Journey for Justice,” about her father.

In the effort to further memorialize Itliong’s generational effort, community activists from creative production group RMFL and others are unifying to petition the United States Postal Service to create a tribute stamp featuring the late Itliong.

To learn more and to add your name to keep up to date on this USPS commemorative stamp effort for Larry Itliong, visit:
Alfonso Salazar