Barnyard Fashionistas Releases NFT Series by Bree Allen & Josh Reiss

Barnyard Fashionistas Releases NFT Series by Bree Allen & Josh Reiss
New York, NY, December 16, 2021 --( Barnyard Fashionistas, by artists Bree Allen & Josh Reiss will be hatching their NFT series this winter 2021, which is comprised of over 10,000 individual NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Barnyard Fashionistas is a brand new, playful, tech-forward NFT set featuring fun, vibrantly rendered, hand-drawn chickens dressed in various sartorial looks and styles, from Bowie Glam to Hot-Girl Goth. Bree has been inspired by the likeness of fashionistas and icons.

“It’s a collaboration in a lot of ways,” says Bree Allen, the artist behind the original and ongoing sketches for Barnyard Fashionistas (BF). Her main partner in the project, Josh Reiss (CuriousJosh), a long-time pioneer in the intersecting animation, branding, and computer graphics spheres, as well as an early pillar in the Los Angeles Burning Man ecosystem, is bringing all his expertise in character modeling and community building to this digital coop.

“The entire point of an NFT project is about building a community,” says Reiss, who has received praise for his groundbreaking character supervision work on Universal Studios’ Spider-Man theme park ride, modeling on Monsters Inc., character modeling on The Incredibles and character setup lead work on Hollow Man at Pixar and Sony Imageworks. “You can’t do that without reinvesting in people who are also in the space.”

Reiss is adamant about reinforcing the notion that the vision for the art - the chickens, the fashion that’s all Bree. “It all started with an image of a chicken in a tutu,” Bree says. “I was looking at some cute stuff online; a little bit of fashion, a little bit of chickens (laughs). I started sketching and almost immediately I thought, ‘What else can I put on a chicken? What other styles can I represent?’”

“The NFT space is still very much a male-dominated space,” notes Reiss. “In the beginning, there was no Crypto. Chicks or World of Women. Barnyard Fashionistas, though deliberately playful in nature, stands as a sophisticated marriage of technology, fashion, art, community, and evolving currency." Everything is changing and NFTs are at the forefront of that.

Barnyard Fashionistas NFT Facts:
Of the entire set of 10,000 (BF) chicken NFTs, half will be randomly generated, resulting in a mix-matched batch of various spontaneous, overlapping styles. The other half will be divided into ten sets of 500. Each of these sets will be style-specific 500 Punk chickens, 500 Goth, 500 Hip-Hop, 500 Western chickens, and so on. One set is "Clucktoria Secret." They’re kind of sexy and it’s a little confusing.

The overall collection will have 10,000 randomized Barnyard Fashionistas, with about half of them being randomized clothing pieces of all styles, and the remaining half will be split into 10 sections featuring different clothing styles with unique traits to that set.

Most sets are completely random; they’re making one of the first sets with randomized subsets.

Each chicken is unique and different, all 10,000 of them! Just like we are all unique in our own style, in our own ways. Even though some chickens may share the same pants or top, they will all be random, and no 2 are alike.

There will also be a small selection of 20 super rare chickens with a different body type.

There will be Legendary Fashionistas. These legendary fashionistas are unique in their style and are inspired by fashion icons of history and fashion movements. They are the rarest of our set, and will not share traits with any other Fashionista. These usually become the most valuable.

Barnyard Fashionistas Creators

Bree Allen

Bree has spent over 10 years creating inspirational and expressive wearable art pieces for performers and festival participants. With her goal of helping performers express their inner selves, her pieces are designed to visually represent the unique individuality of each of her clients. As one of the initial designers that set the festival goggle trend 11 years ago, her work has been featured in photos in Rolling Stone, Village Voice Media (nationwide), and more. Recently an article about her masks and work was featured in Cultr. She cites Alexander McQueen as an inspiration for his darker take on fashion that tells a story and creates art with each piece. His growth as an industry outsider to fashion icon inspires her to keep creating in unconventional ways. Bree resides in Los Angeles, California with her partner Josh, where she continues to develop her craft and celebrate radical individuality.

Josh Reiss “CuriousJosh”

Josh Reiss is a multidisciplinary digital creative who has spent the last three decades crafting at the intersection of art and technology, as well as helping to form communities around these intersections. His background in computer programming, art, community, and technology have converged in his current work in the NFT space. Reiss is fascinated by how technology could enable creative individuals to share those expressions and how these connections create communities that impact society. This led him to Burning Man and the Electric Daisy Festival over two decades ago, where he became a renowned published photographer documenting the celebration. His work was featured regularly in Village Voice Media and has appeared in numerous galleries and museums around the world.
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