Alea Labs Announces FlexAir™ HVAC Controller for Sustainable Home Heating and Cooling

Alea's data-driven demand-response control technology for central forced-air heating/cooling uses data from sensors and other sources, and machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine thermal demand, proportionally adjust supply, and distribute conditioned air at the right time to the right room. Early field trials with modulating furnaces deliver excellent room-by-room temperature with 60% energy.

Redwood City, CA, January 14, 2022 --( Early field trials find over 60% reduction in HVAC system energy consumption, when paired with Alea Smart Air Vents.

Today, Alea Labs, creators of the Smart Air plug-and-play home air distribution system, is announcing its new FlexAir HVAC controller. This product, now in development, is the latest component of the Alea Labs’ air distribution solution and works with the company’s zoning vents and cloud platform to offer unparalleled comfort as well as massive energy savings. The FlexAir controller will be available to bulk purchasers in Q3 2022.

The Alea FlexAir HVAC Controller connects to 2-stage and to flexible-output modulating furnaces and AC units and actively manages the thermal output and airflow volume of the system by dynamically adjusting the output of the air handler proportionally to the home’s actual thermal demand. Based on data collected from Alea’s network of Smart Air vents and analyzed and processed by Alea’s cloud machine learning and artificial intelligence, the FlexAir controller adaptively adjusts to changing demand and delivers the right amount of heating or cooling, at the right time, to each room.

This high efficiency air distribution enables unsurpassed comfort at a fraction of the energy previously consumed. It is highly affordable and available to both existing and new homes.

“We are extremely pleased with the tested performance of our FlexAir controller,” said Hamid Farzaneh, CEO of Alea Labs. “It is one more step towards completing our vision of a fully integrated platform for managing all aspects of indoor air comfort and quality, and drastically reducing the energy used for heating and cooling buildings.”

To test the FlexAir system, Alea partnered with Gradient Thermal, a manufacturer of high-efficiency natural gas combi furnaces with variable-output modulating heating capacity that can be dynamically programmed between 10% and 100% of the maximum capacity. In these field tests, the FlexAir system and Smart Air vents consistently maintained the desired temperature room-by-room, while reducing energy consumption by over 60%. If implemented at homes across the country, such savings could result in a dramatic reduction of both home energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Alea Labs’ solution is a perfect companion to Gradient’s high-efficiency syncFURNACE™ product suite. Our shared vision with Alea is to offer homeowners the best innovation in their heating solutions, including true demand-response,” said Cameron Doepker, CEO of Gradient Thermal. “We are very excited by the stellar results of the field trial, and look forward to continue working with Alea to enhance home comfort while further enabling reduced energy use and a green future.”

“Every winter we had to contend with high energy bills and poor comfort caused by having to overheat the entire house in order to make our children’s rooms located on the 2nd floor just warm enough. We had tried various configurations with our smart thermostat but nothing worked until Alea installed their system in our house. We now have a much more comfortable home and see over 60% reduction in the heating energy consumption,” said Beau Lark, a homeowner who participated in the field trial.

About Alea Labs

Alea Labs is a smart home technology company focused on disrupting the residential heating and cooling experience. Alea offers affordable products and professional services that enable room-by-room temperature control, energy savings, and significant data-driven benefits.

About Gradient Thermal Inc.

Gradient Thermal Inc. (“Gradient”) is an innovator of heating solutions that make life better for homeowners through space-saving high-performance energy-efficient heating with simplified installation and maintenance. Developed and manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Gradient’s syncFURNACE™ product suite serves residential heating needs with forced air, optional hydronic heat, and a never-ending supply of hot water.
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