Instrument Measures Air Velocity, Temperature, Pressure and Humidity

Instrument Measures Air Velocity, Temperature, Pressure and Humidity
Norwood, MA, January 27, 2022 --( Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has introduced the iQx™ instrument system – a device that measures air temperature and velocity, surface temperature, air pressure drop, and humidity. Measurements can be made concurrently or individually.

The iQx™ system is equipped with input ports for up to eight air temperature/velocity sensors, four J type thermocouples, two pressure sensors and one humidity sensor. These can be positioned in different locations within a system under test, such as an electronic enclosure.

ATS provides all but the temperature/velocity sensors with the iQx. Temperature/velocity sensors vary widely by application needs. ATS offers several different types for use in the eight available ports. These include ATS small profile Candlestick sensors, spots sensors, hand-held probes and multi-sensor in plane attachments. Temperatures tracked range from -10 to 120°C, and air velocity ranges from 0 to 50 m/s (10,000 ft/min). Most of these sensors can be intermingled, depending on testing needs.

The iQx™ requires a PC/laptop with iSTAGE-X™ operating software (included) to operate, record measurements and, present data. The system comes with proven iSTAGE-X™ operating software. It eliminates data collection errors due to measurement time lapses, or transience associated with the use of multiple systems for such measurements. iSTAGE-X™ is a graphical user interface software based on the LabVIEW™ platform. Users can see and print acquired data that is time stamped. Data can be displayed in graphs and tables with basic statistical information for all measurements taken by the iQx system™.

The iQx™ provides a compact, portable and versatile system to minimize lab clutter and go wherever measurements are needed. iQx™ has been designed by ATS based on feedback from engineers across multiple industries who needed a system that can concurrently measure and report on all major thermal parameters. iQx™ is the system that all engineers who do thermal measurements have been waiting for: A versatile, compact and feature rich thermal measurements system for all applications where pressure, temperature, velocity and, humidity play a role in the electronics product’s performance.

The reduction of electronic component sizes and increase in their power dissipation is driving the electronics community to be more aware of the thermal performance of their products. The hotter the devices, the shorter their life span and the greater the likelihood of a malfunction.

The iQx™ instrument is available from ATS’ world-wide distribution network, including Digi-Key and Mouser. More information is available on the company’s website, and by email at
Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.
Rebecca O'Day