Telaleaf Health Inc. and Vayamed a Division of Sanity Group Launch Exclusive Partnership

Telaleaf Health Inc. (or “Telaleaf”), a pioneer in cannabis-based telemedicine, today announced an exclusive partnership with Berlin-based medical cannabis specialist Vayamed, subsidiary of Sanity Group, that will provide increased access to medical cannabis to patients in Germany, as well as education and training programs to doctors on the prescription and treatment of cannabis medicines.

Berlin, Germany, February 08, 2022 --( Telaleaf, a telemedicine start-up transforming the access and delivery of medical cannabis care to patients, and medical cannabis brand Vayamed, subsidiary of Sanity Group, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to improve access to medical cannabis care to patients in Germany. This exclusive partnership is focused on the use of telemedicine to strengthen the delivery of cannabis-based treatments through premier clinical care, better access, superior treatment quality, individualized treatment plans and patient-centered pricing. The partnership is also focused on delivering academic and clinical-level training and education to doctors, pharmacists and other relevant practitioners.

Telaleaf is a pioneer in cannabis-based telemedicine from Canada established in 2020 that allows patients to book virtual medical visits with cannabis-trained doctors and is now launching its web and mobile app in the German healthcare system. The app provides a first-of-its kind, end-to-end telemedicine experience for receiving personalized cannabis care from top specialists, such as world-renown cannabis medicine pioneer, Franjo Grotenhermen, M.D.

Vayamed and Telaleaf are driven by the vision that telemedicine will continue to move healthcare delivery from clinic to home, and will become the standard in the delivery of cannabis-based medicine. Doctor visits to consult about Vayamed products and treatment options are planned as well as further programs in the field of talent support and expert training at leading medical faculties nationwide.

"The importance of telemedicine in the German healthcare system will continue to grow. It offers many benefits for doctors, patients and the healthcare system, for example better access and treatment quality, qualified trainings, and improved health insurance reimbursement levels through special training offers for doctors. Together with Telaleaf, we want to improve therapies with medical cannabis in Germany through the utilization of telemedicine," said Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord, Director New Markets & Innovation at Vayamed.

“In order to fully realize the vision of cannabis-based medicine as the advanced, alternative medicinal modality it has proven to be, Telaleaf has entirely reimagined the cannabis healthcare delivery model such that all necessary medical services, tools and resources come together for patients and doctors under one unified field. Our joint mission with Vayamed is to drive better health outcomes for patients with personalized virtual care that is sustained by expert-led medicinal cannabis training and education,” said Telaleaf CEO, Gavin Treanor.

Telaleaf collaborates with leading experts such as Prof. Kirsten Müller-Vahl, M.D., and Franjo Grothenhermen, M.D., by whom medical cannabis training for participating doctors is instructed at the highest educational level, in cooperation with Dresden International University.

About Vayamed

Medical cannabis specialist Vayamed, a brand of Berlin-based health and life science company Sanity Group, specializes in the development and distribution of innovative cannabinoid-based medicinal products for the European market and, as a reliable provider, is committed to making medical cannabis accessible to doctors, pharmacists and patients.

About Sanity Group

Sanity Group, a Berlin-based health and life-science company, aims to improve people’s quality of life through the use of cannabinoids and the utilization of the endocannabinoid system. The focus is on pharmaceuticals and medical products (Sanity Medical) on the one hand and cannabinoid-based consumer goods (Sanity Care) on the other. The mission is to build the leading cannabinoid company for medical cannabis and consumer health in Europe. Financially and strategically, Sanity Group is supported by investors such as Redalpine, HV Capital, Calyx, Casa Verde Capital, Navy Capital, Cherry Ventures, SOJE Capital, Bitburger Ventures, and various business angels such as music producer, Hollywood actor Alyssa Milano, professional soccer player Mario Götze and German model Stefanie Giesinger.

About Telaleaf Health Inc.

Telaleaf is a telemedicine company transforming the delivery of cannabis care by connecting patients to expert doctors, trained in cannabis-based medicine, who conduct virtual medical visits and provide personalized treatment plans. Our aim is to improve patient outcomes, by improving the patient experience with high quality treatment, ease of access, and expert-led training to practitioners, for the most advanced virtual care in cannabis medicine.
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