Houston Startup GasCap Launches Exciting New Service for Small & Midsize Transportation Companies

GasCap, a Houston-based fintech startup, proudly announced the launch of its new fuel hedging platform that lets small and mid-sized transportation companies manage their fuel price costs.

Houston, TX, March 02, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Fuel is one of the largest variable expenses for transportation companies, which means big price swings can be detrimental to a company’s bottom line. Very large transportation companies have the resources to manage this kind of risk, but unfortunately most other fleets are exposed to big price moves. This can leave up to a third of their operating costs completely to chance.

With oil prices now near $100 per barrel and diesel fuel over $3.50/gallon, it is critical for transportation companies to get a handle on their fuel costs.

GasCap solves the problem of rising and volatile fuel prices for these transportation companies.

“Our platform is targeted towards fleets and other heavy users who aren’t already being served by commodity trading houses, banks, or brokerages. GasCap helps truck fleets and other heavy fuel users implement hedging solutions so they can better budget and plan for the future,” says Founder Matt McKenzie.

GasCap has partnered with two major commodity brokerage houses to help facilitate customers’ transactions and manage their risk.

Customers choose a period of time and volume of fuel they wish to “cap.” This period can range from three months up to two years, and GasCap offers customers a capped price, enabling transportation executives to better predict and plan around their fuel costs.

GasCap’s customers operate just as before, with their drivers refueling as normal and at the same stations they usually use. If at the end of the period retail prices rise above a customer’s capped level, Gascap rebates the difference. If prices fall, then the customer benefits from cheaper fuel.

Besides cost stability, GasCap is simple and easy to use and requires little change of behavior on the customer’s part.

To learn more, visit the GasCap website (https://gas-cap.com).

About GasCap
Based in Houston, TX, GasCap is a simple and easy to use platform that lets transport companies and other heavy fuel users manage their fuel costs so they can better budget and plan for the future.
Matt McKenzie