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LCBM 2022 Spring Scholarships Awarded: an Investment in Our People

2020 Companies and the Louise and Christopher B. Munday Foundation partner to bring scholarships and educational opportunities to diverse communities nationwide. They have recently awarded seventeen scholarships to students attending 4-year colleges.

LCBM 2022 Spring Scholarships Awarded: an Investment in Our People
Dallas, TX, March 08, 2022 --(PR.com)-- 2020 Companies (www.2020companies.com) and the Louise and Christopher B. Munday Foundation (The Foundation) continue to support company employees and students through their educational scholarship initiative. 2020 Companies and The Foundation celebrate its second distribution of scholarships to employees and their dependents.

This Spring Semester, seventeen students were awarded scholarships. Six of the award recipients are earning this scholarship for a second time. Eligibility was reserved for employees and dependents enrolled full-time in a 4-year degree program. Scholarship recipients attend universities nationwide, including the University of Arkansas, George Mason University, and California State University (Fresno).

Scholarship Impact:
“This scholarship has alleviated a lot of stress about how much it costs for me to go to school. I’ve never had a job back me up and support me as much as 2020 Companies has done for me, so it made me feel good to see that hard work is recognized at this company,” shared Andrew Simpson, first-time scholarship recipient.

Second-time recipient, Lucero Ron, stated, “It has been amazing; I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to further my education. This scholarship has provided me the chance to provide a better life for myself and my daughter. I will continue to work hard with the help of this scholarship to earn my degree in Human Resource and Development at the University of Houston.”

The 2022 Spring LCMB Scholarship applicants come from various backgrounds, celebrating the diversity and inclusiveness of 2020 Companies. This semester’s scholarship recipients pursue degrees in majors ranging from Cybersecurity to Psychology to Business Administration. These scholarship recipients highlight the strength of our people and their dedication to continual improvement through education and professional development.

“People are our greatest asset. We know that education opens doors to greater career opportunities and provides a lifetime impact on job security; we are pleased to offer these scholarships as an added benefit to our employees’ experience,” said Christopher B. Munday, Chairman and CEO.

Ross Wissner, COO, added, “The increasing levels of participation in The Foundation Scholarship reinforces the importance of advanced education to our team members. Helping our team members accomplish personal and professional goals is pivotal to our culture. I understand how education has helped me along the way, and I am happy that we can help others.”

This is the second endowment of this scholarship opportunity. Students attending classes during the 2022 Fall Semester will have another opportunity to apply for this scholarship. Join them in celebrating these students and their drive for continued growth through education.

About The Louise & Christopher B. Munday Foundation
The Louise & Christopher B. Munday Foundation promotes and supports the continued education and development of new skills for individuals of diverse communities, especially historically underrepresented groups. 2020 Companies and The Foundation will continue to find ways to support and strengthen educational opportunities globally.

About 2020 Companies
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