Go-Sake Wins Silver at the Craft Spirits Awards

Sake Startup awarded twice for Sake and Tonic and Go-Sake.

Go-Sake Wins Silver at the Craft Spirits Awards
Berlin, Germany, March 17, 2022 --(PR.com)-- At this year's Craft Spirits Awards in Berlin, the sake startup Go-Sake scored twice and convinced the jury. With a high score of 86.25 points for the Go-Sake (Junmai/Arimitsu Brewery) and 88.25 points for the Sake and Tonic.

The Craft Spirits Berlin Awards competition is dedicated to handcrafted spirits and is Europe's largest competition in this area. The submitted products will be judged by a jury of experts in a blind tasting. The jury includes proven experts and sensory experts. Each product is judged individually and by five judges. The criteria tested include: Smell, taste, balance and typicality. The evaluation is based on a 100-point scheme.

"We are delighted that our submissions have been so successful within this competition. These awards are a great appreciation of the outstanding sake brewing tradition in Japan," says Dr. Bastian Schwithal, CEO and Co-Founder of Go-Sake.

Junmai sake with its 15% alcohol content is made exclusively from water, rice and koji. In no other type of sake does rice play such an important role as in Junmai.

"The translation of Junmai means 'pure rice' and with its mild and gentle rice taste, with a fine sweetness and little acidity, it is a fantastic drink that offers a great taste result either chilled or slightly warmed," explains Dr. Bastian Schwithal.

With the vegan sake and tonic as a ready-to-drink beverage, Go-Sake expanded its range last year and is bringing the trend drink of the summer into the bottle.

For more information and a sake map, visit the Go-Sake website.

Go-Sake is there. The first vegan, handcrafted, awarded, designed Japanese Craft Sake-to-go. The Go-Sake project was founded in 2017 to promote Japanese sake culture. Go-Sake curates premium sake from little craft sake breweries and stands for a new modern way of sake consumption, in a contemporary packaging. For a conscious "cleaner & healthier" lifestyle: An all-natural brewed alcoholic beverage. In 2019 Go-Sake was awarded within the prestigious Meininger Sake-Tasting with 88 Points, as one of the best sake in the tasting.
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