Broward Vintage Sip and Shop "TRUNK SHOW" Gives Frugal Fashionistas Live Entertainment With Their Bargains

South Florida's Frugal Fashionistas Successfully Practice Sustainable Shopping with an Evening of Thrifted Bargains, Adult Refreshments and Live Entertainment.

Broward Vintage Sip and Shop "TRUNK SHOW" Gives Frugal Fashionistas Live Entertainment With Their Bargains
Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 23, 2022 --( Vintage curator and personal stylist Monique A. Williams of DAB Gear and Apparel hosted TRUNK SHOW: Broward, a vintage pop-up sip and shop on Sunday, March 20, 2022. Guests enjoyed thrift bargains, vintage deals, and adult refreshments while networking with South Florida’s fashionistas.

DAB Gear and Apparel, a secondhand clothing and accessories online boutique, hosted the live event in Northeast Broward County. TRUNK SHOW was created as more than a sip and shop for vintage clothes, as guests were gifted reusable shopping bags and educated on the importance of recycling, reducing and reusing. With World Water Day and Earth Hour this week, TRUNK SHOW: Broward was the perfect lead-in. Guests munched on infused snacks provided by local cannabis confectionary Kimi LeVadge.

In addition to being the CEO and Head Curator of DAB, Monique Williams is an accomplished spoken word artist, known as MoMo Willy. She treated audiences to a live performance of her latest piece, #DressinAhhBih, focusing on the ecological ills of Fast Fashion and the benefits of sustainable wear, including thrifting and upcycling. The 80’s baby says, “My generation was encouraged to Save the Earth at every turn. Today, people don’t realize the literal destruction to the environment their daily habits contribute.”

Fast Fashion, defined as “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends” has populated the social media accounts of those trying to fit in and be seen as “in style.” However, the cost of cheap clothing costs us so much more in the long run. Blended fabrics using plastic and chemical treatments that infiltrate our water supply are creating irreparable damage to the environment and our own health.

Williams, who also provides closet cleaning services, says there is hope yet. “Gen Z is starting to turn their noses up at the Shien's and Fashion Nova's of the world and are instead using TikTok and YouTube to learn how to upcycle and alter their clothes in new and fresh ways,” Williams continues.

TRUNK SHOW took place at The Fashion Repair, a Black woman owned and operated alterations and screen-printing store in North Broward. The Margate shop also holds sewing classes to further the objective of upcycling and reducing waste, making it a perfect partner for this eco-friendly, sustainable fashion event. Owner Elise Gunness, or Egunnz as she is known, also sells secondhand and upcycled fashion, and produces fashion shows with this aim.

When asked about the future, Williams asserts that DAB will focus more on upcycling than simply reselling and educating on proper clothing care. You can find out more at
Monique Williams