Women Of MENA In Technology, the Largest Organization for Middle Eastern & North African Women in STEM, Announces Its Corporate Partnership with Sciex

Women Of MENA In Technology, the Largest Organization for Middle Eastern & North African Women in STEM, Announces Its Corporate Partnership with Sciex
San Francisco, CA, April 12, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Women Of MENA In Technology, a Silicon Valley-based non-profit organization, the largest organization for Middle Eastern and North African women in STEM, announces its corporate partnership with Sciex. Founded with a mission of fostering diversity and closing the gender gap by empowering Middle Eastern and North African women in STEM, this partnership will further inclusion and equality in the workplace for MENA Women In Tech.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sciex to further our mission of creating an inclusive workplace. Diversity and Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. To create diversity and to be inclusive means having ALL Women at the table, which includes MENA Women In Tech,” said Sepideh Nasiri, Founder of Women of MENA In Technology. “As technology becomes more integrated in our society and creates a new paradigm, it is up to us to be intentional about equity, inclusion, and diverse representation in the STEM space.”

“As a fellow woman engineer, I am excited about the opportunity for SCIEX to partner with Women of MENA In Technology. This partnership gives us a valuable opportunity to amplify women’s voices in STEM and work toward a common goal– to create a diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace,” said Nichole Riek, Vice President, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, and Executive Lead for D+I efforts at SCIEX. “We look forward to working with the organization, introducing their members to SCIEX and learning about new ways to improve our work environment for all women.”

Over the seven years since its inception, Women of MENA In Technology has been instrumental in elevating the profile of MENA Women. With a community of 50K+ members across 19 global cities and support from 1,500+ technology companies, the non-profit has been enabling, educating, elevating and inspiring women of color through its programs.

For more information or to RSVP for the press list, please contact: press@womenofmenaintechnology.com.

Women Of MENA In Technology is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization established in Silicon Valley in 2015 with a mission to close the diversity and gender gap in STEM by connecting, mentoring, educating and elevating Middle Eastern and North African women in STEM globally. We have over 50,000 community members, 90% of whom identify as technical and self-reported as engineers, data scientists, researchers, founders, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.

Vision: To be the destination for Middle Eastern and North African Women in Tech, where they can learn, inspire, connect, and thrive as a global community.

Mission: To empower Middle Eastern women and girls around the world to strive in the fields of technology, STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship despite the conventional beliefs, societal pressures, or inequality challenges. www.womenofmenaintechnology.com

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Media contact: Sepideh Nasiri | US: 650-722-4319 | press@womenofmenaintechnology.com
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