Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA Welcomes Prem Gangalakunta to the Board

Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA Welcomes Prem Gangalakunta to the Board
Washington, DC, May 18, 2022 --( The Board of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF) USA wholeheartedly welcomes Prem Gangalakunta, a new trustee who will help support the Foundation’s work to empower rural communities in India.

“We’re very excited to have Mr. Gangalakunta joining our Board,” said VFF USA Board President Moncho Ferrer. “During the past three years, Mr. Gangalakunta has been a tireless advocate for our work in empowering the most vulnerable communities in rural India. Thanks to his excellent volunteer and philanthropic endeavors, our COVID-19 Relief Fund campaign was a tremendous success, helping thousands of rural residents receive essential medical support during the second and third waves. We are thrilled to have Prem as a part of our team!”

Mr. Gangalakunta is a community leader who helps in organizing events to bring awareness about the challenges of less fortunate communities as well as to celebrate ethnic cultures. He works with several non-profit organizations that serve underprivileged communities in democratizing access to education, healthcare, and opportunity. Professionally, he has been in leadership roles at leading software/technology companies for over two decades. He has a graduate degree in computer science from Texas Tech University. He was born in Anantapur, India, and spent the early part of his life there. He is well aware of the challenges in the drought-prone rural areas in India and is passionate about applying technology to address them. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife and two children.

“I am honored and humbled to be a part of the VFF USA family. VFF USA’s vision of addressing inequalities in the society through education is something close to my heart. I look forward to the journey with VFF USA and focus on activities to help improve the lives of the marginalized, discriminated and vulnerable groups by empowering them through awareness campaigns and helping them develop appropriate skills for a sustainable livelihood,” said Prem Gangalakunta.

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The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA is committed to combatting poverty and inequality in rural India. Our focus is to improve the lives of India’s most marginalized groups in order to contribute to a more just and equal society. We place particular emphasis on assisting the most vulnerable populations: children, women, and people with disabilities, to ensure that development in rural India leaves no one behind. Women in India are particularly affected by poverty because of societal discrimination.
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