TrialX Launches a DEI Toolkit Within iConnect Platform to Tackle Diversity Challenges in Clinical Trial Recruitment

To overcome barriers to participation of diverse populations in clinical trials, TrialX launches a toolkit for sponsors and sites to create an end to end multilingual experience for patients.

TrialX Launches a DEI Toolkit Within iConnect Platform to Tackle Diversity Challenges in Clinical Trial Recruitment
New York, NY, June 21, 2022 --( TrialX announced the launch of a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) toolkit in iConnect, an award-winning patient recruitment management platform. iConnect serves as a central system for patient recruitment operations at major pharmaceutical sponsors, large academic research centers and patient advocacy groups. The toolkit will have a wide ranging impact by bringing diversity and inclusion in the front and center of patient recruitment workflows.

Historically, minorities have been underrepresented in clinical trials. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently expanded its guidelines to improve diversity in clinical trials and increase participants from underrepresented populations in clinical trials. Language barriers are cited as one of the key reasons why potential participants feel reluctant to even start or continue their clinical trial journey.

“About 21% of the population in the US uses a language other than English. We believe that in order to develop trust it is important for patients to understand clinical trial information in their preferred language. With the new DEI toolkit, we aim to address the challenge of diversity by enabling sponsors and sites to create an end-to-end multilingual experience for patients in finding and expressing interest in a clinical trial,” says Sharib Khan, CEO, TrialX.

The DEI toolkit provides innovative mechanisms for sponsors and sites to serve the information needs of diverse populations. Using the toolkit, patient recruitment teams will be able to create study websites, pre-screeners and patient notifications in multiple languages, thereby expanding the potential reach of the study to a wide range of patient populations in different geographic regions and ethnic communities. Research sites can indicate the languages spoken by the study staff and potential participants can filter research sites based on their preferred language. Additionally, the iConnect volunteer registry provides the ability to collect race, ethnicity and preferred language information from volunteers and provides an outreach system to reach out to these volunteers based on these preferences and demographics. The patient recruitment operations team and study managers will be able to get real-time insights with the new Diversity Reporting dashboard that provides actionable insights for them to meet the diversity enrollment targets on time.

TrialX is committed to developing innovative patient-centric solutions to tackle the diversity challenges faced by the industry. If you are interested in learning more about the DEI toolkit and the iConnect patient recruitment platform, please contact us at
Shweta Mishra