Crypto Lists Compare 50 Different Blockchains

Many crypto beginners are clueless about the advantages and disadvantages of various blockchains, so Crypto Lists went live with comparing a range of prominent networks. Today, the magical number of 50 blockchain comparisons has been reached.

Crypto Lists Compare 50 Different Blockchains
London, United Kingdom, August 17, 2022 --( Crypto Lists admit that a couple of the blockchain reviews are layer two, a type of network that is built on top of an existing network and mainly aims to speed up the transactions. Still, over 80% of all blockchains that Crypto Lists compare are layer one, ranging from multi-billion-dollar foundations to startups.

All blockchain reviews on consist of a rating from one to ten, description of the network, a look into the utility of the blockchain, followed by a review of costs, scalability, buzz, and reputation.

If there is a native coin, it will also be shown in the review along with the whitepaper, and important alternative tokens are also listed. Short breaking news, along with longer reportage are also shown for each blockchain review, along with facts about the founder and main developers.

“Crypto Lists is proud to be among the first crypto information sites to cover 50 different blockchains in the comparison,” says Markus Jalmerot, co-founder of Crypto Lists Ltd. aims to also cover as many important external sources about the blockchain as possible, including the official website, blockchain explorer, social media channels and other trusted sites where people discuss that network. There are always a few high-resolution screenshots and up to five clear advantages and disadvantages in the blockchains comparison. For tech nerds and staking fanatics, there is also a clear description of the consensus types, such as proof of activity, delegated proof of stake, proof of validation, proof of work or a combination of several types. In total, Crypto Lists currently differs between 26 types of blockchain consensus methods, but more are continuously added.

In the end of the blockchain section at, frequently asked questions are shown, including what a blockchain or a blockchain protocol, questions about anonymity and transparency, security of blockchain protocols and differences between proof of work and proof of stake.

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