Razor Agile – a GIT Integrated Software Development Solution for Windows or Linux

Razor Agile – a GIT Integrated Software Development Solution for Windows or Linux
Boston, MA, January 23, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Deliver quality software while cutting your time-to-value and time-to-market with Razor.

Razor by Visible Systems Corporation provides full automation, accountability, and enforcement of your software development process. Compliant with NIST 800-53 and ISO 27002 – all activity is maintained for “snapshot” deliveries and auditing purposes.

Razor uses GIT to store revisions of issues, files, and baseline history. MariaDB is used to store (settings, configuration, user information, encryption profile, license, etc.). Open-Source and Spawned from MySQL. Runs in a VMware Virtual Machine.

Razor’s unique value proposition is it can easily be customized to meet your software quality control and assurance processes. Some customers may have as little as a few steps to deliver their software while other customers may have many steps that comprise their software delivery. Through the 4 levels of analytics provided by Razor, cut your time-to-value by delivering software that is right the first time.

- Level 1: Descriptive – Hindsight (What happened?)
- Level 2: Diagnostic – Oversight (What is happening?)
- Level 3: Predictive – Foresight (What will happen?)
- Level 4: Prescriptive – Insight (How to optimize what will happen?)

Customer Experience

"When management decided that it was time to get a handle on our software release process which was ad-hoc at best, Razor from Visible Systems was chosen to get the job done.

"Razor gave us the tools to implement a consistent software release process across all of our software products and provides the developers both local and remote a standard method for software development.

"It has provided release traceability for warranty returns and allowed us to reproduce the release in question with the click of a button."

Senior Software Engineer
Automotive Manufacturing

Razor Includes:

- Process and Workflow Management. The included standard process can be customized as required; controls for security and use access; signature chains; detailed audit history; notifications via e-mail by event or process condition; supports team collaboration.
- Issue/Problem/Defect Tracking. Issues can be linked to users, user groups, file operations, or releases; approved task lists ensure that developers are focused on solutions and results.
- Version Control & Change Management. Tracks the who, what, when, and why of changes; process rules can be linked to ensure quality and seamless change management – all integrated nicely within your own git repositories.
- Release Management. Release conditions are easy to set up; release definitions are archived and can be reconstructed in the future; process rules can be linked to release conditions to enforce the required control.
- Scripting. Razor can adapt the definition and customization of your workflows through a rule base and unique scripting capabilities supported by Windows or Linux.

- Razor is an effective management tool through its ability to manage and track changes throughout the software development lifecycle.
- Razor delivers integrated problem and issue tracking, version control, and release management for customized software configuration management processes.
- Configurable to your specific development and delivery processes.
- Easily scalable across the full life cycle of programs, projects, epics and stories.
- Sprint boards created for agile projects track the progress of Sprints across Razor's application trilogy (issues, versions, and baselines).
- Simplifies generation of release notes and development/support metrics.
- Advanced Encryption for operating in a secured, closed-environment.
- Can be implemented and deployed rapidly.
- Extremely easy to learn and use.

Use Cases:

Agile or Traditional Software Development, Document Control/Management, Issue, Defect, Problem Tracking, Version Control, Source Version Control, Change Management, Configuration Management, Software Configuration Management, Software Process Management, DevOps Automation, Release Management, and Software Quality Assurance.

Industry Specific Uses:

Software Development: Pharmaceutical, Synthetic Biology, Aerospace, Science and Research, Defense, Electronics, Semiconductor, Embedded Software, Cloud Technology, EV Manufacturing, Testing, 3D Printing, Simulators, Radar Systems, Sensor Technology, Satellite Technology, Battery Technology, and Automotive Technology.

For over 25 years, Razor has been bringing people, products and services together through software. Its largest software development projects including: Boeing, Continental, Vitesco, NASA, NOAA, NAVY, and many other well-known organizations around the world. NASA used Razor for the duration of the Space Shuttle program for its Checkout and Launch Control System to design consoles to communicate with ground support for measuring 40,000 temperatures, measurements, flow rates, turbine speeds, voltages, valves, switches, etc. This software development effort involved the collaboration of 200 software developers.

Razor is uniquely able to adapt itself to the way your organization works and match an existing process, eliminating the painful organizational changes that typically come from software automation efforts.
Visible Systems Corporation
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