Kerry O'Brien Publishes First Novel Titled, "Back to Williamsburg"

Announcement of O'Brien's publication of first novel titled "Back to Williamsburg," about the young heroine, Sarah O'Higgins, who is born to Yankee parents, but is raised in the Southern town of Colonial Williamsburg, VA. The book was written in O'Brien's nine-month hegira to South America, where she spent a two week period in the rainforests of Venezuela furiously writing her novel. The main character, Sarah, falls in love with the great-grandson of the 15th President of the United States.

Chesterfield, VA, May 31, 2008 --( O'Brien Books and Publishing announces the publication of Kerry A. O'Brien's first novel titled, "Back to Williamsburg." The 282-page novel was written in a two-week period in the rainforests of Venezuela about the main character's life in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The Raleigh-based online publishing company facilitated O'Brien's first publication.

The main character, Sarah, is born to Yankee parents, but is raised in the traditional Southern town of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Her life is shaped by the living museum and 17th century life that dominates the town. She falls in love with a much older and wiser great-grandson of the 15th President of the United States, who still lives on the land in which his great-grandfather bought in the 1800's. All's a go toward marriage, until William, her traditional Southern lover, takes off from law and business school on a motorcycle trip through the countries of South America, much in the style of Che Guevara. He becomes enamored with Latin American women, and Sarah finds herself wondering where her fairy tale love affair has ended. Realizing her fairy tale love is lost, she takes her own journey of self-discovery to South America to understand the lure. It is in South America where she discovers her own identity, holding the image of the lost great-grandson of the 15th President of the United States in her heart, and embarks on a new journey of new beginnings.

"Back to Williamsburg" is available on,,, and other major online bookstores.

O'Brien has been writing novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, children's books and other forms of writing since grade school. "Back to Williamsburg" is her first published novel. Her second novel, "Back to Buenos Aires" is scheduled for publication in the Fall of 2008, and is about Sarah O'Higgins' six-month stint teaching English in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and hiking through the countries of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela for a three-month period.

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