GenTent® Submits Portable Generator Safety Proposal to Consumer Product Safety Commission

Industry Leading New Hampshire Company Calls for Inclusion of Generator Tents and Safe Distance Standardized Language for Safely Running Portable Generators in Wet Weather Conditions

GenTent® Submits Portable Generator Safety Proposal to Consumer Product Safety Commission
Brentwood, NH, June 21, 2023 --( GenTent Safety Canopies (“GenTent®”) has submitted a proposal to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) that outlines common sense solutions to encourage the safe use of portable generators in wet weather and storms. The proposal contains suggested standardized language that includes recommendations for the use of generator tents, which have been proven to help minimize the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, and provisions to help enhance consumer awareness of generator safety.

Relying on years of experience as an innovative, industry leader in portable generator safety, GenTent® offers solutions-based guidance in its proposal that encourages the safe operation of portable generators during tropical storms, hurricanes, snowstorms, ice storms, and other wet weather scenarios.

The standardization of language includes:

Acknowledgement for known solutions such as generator tents for effective and safe portable generator use in wet weather.

Standardization of 20 Feet "Safe Distance" language to limit both carbon monoxide risk and fire hazard.

Mark Carpenter, CEO and Inventor of GenTent® noted, "We are excited to submit this proposal and discuss it at the upcoming CPSC public hearing, as it perfectly aligns with our core mission of promoting safety and protecting consumers. Through a decade of product advancement and industry collaboration, we aim to enhance consumer awareness and establish standardized safety language that can save lives, and at the same time benefit the entire industry."

Brian Thomas, Director of Sales & Marketing for GenTent® added, “The current discussions have been specifically focused on carbon monoxide sensors and reduction strategies, which addresses only part of the safety equation as to why consumers choose to run their generators in unsafe locations. More than 75% of CO injuries and fatalities occur because of power outages related to wet weather; consumers need clear standardized safety messaging on how to operate these powerful machines safely.”

GenTent® believes standardizing safety language will facilitate collaboration among government agencies, industry, and first responders to mitigate risks, educate consumers, and promote responsible generator use. GenTent® invites the CPSC, Portable Generator Manufacturers Association, and other relevant government agencies to collaborate in implementing specific additions to safety language that address the hazards associated with using generators in wet weather conditions and provide practical steps for educating generator users.

About GenTent Safety Canopies

Established in 2011, GenTent® Safety Canopies are easy-to-install weatherproof generator tents that ensure safe operations of portable generators in virtually any wet weather conditions while keeping the generator portable. The GenTent eliminates CO poisoning or electrocution risks by enabling portable generators to safely operate outdoors away from structures during wet weather. Installation is a simple 3-step operation - Clamp it, Frame it and Cover it – to WeatherProof Your Power™.

The company’s patented, portable generator tents are relied on by the United States Army, National Guard, United States Navy, Air Force, Air National Guard, Department of Energy, NOAA, as well as homeowners and businesses during outages resulting from such notable storms as Hurricane Sandy, Irma, Harvey, and Maria. GenTent is considered the premier generator tent or safety canopy for portable generators operated by RV owners, tailgaters, campers, homeowners, businesses and first responders. GenTent is a supplier to major portable generator brands, who sell and distribute GenTent technology under their brand names. For more information, visit:
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