Art Exhibition Explores Multifaceted Manifestations in Contemporary Art

An intercrossing of ideas, cultures, identities, and disciplines in Miami from July 15 to August 15, 2023.

Art Exhibition Explores Multifaceted Manifestations in Contemporary Art
Miami, FL, July 07, 2023 --( The MIA Curatorial Projects is thrilled to announce its fourth group show of the year, titled “Intercrossing. Flashes in Current Art.” Curated by Dr. Milagros Bello, this original exhibition will take place at a multidisciplinary gallery in Little Haiti, located at 395 NW 59th Street, Miami. Running for a month, from July 15 to August 15, the exhibition delves into the theme of intercrossing and explores its multifaceted manifestations in contemporary art.

As the curator of the show, Dr. Milagros Bello aims to de-objectify stagnant art beliefs and taboos, generating novel associations and dialogues that explore opposing and intercrossing topics and materials, which often defy conventions. “The purpose of this curated exhibit is to dismantle rigidity and enforce the diffraction and disruption present in the current visual arts. The exhibition challenges visual formats, altering the circuit of images and their narratives. The selected artworks permeate specific viewpoints and personal contexts to create experiential situations in which the viewers can coalesce and commingle in human interactions,” Dr. Bello explains.

Miami has long been recognized as a contemporary art hotspot, with world-class museums, Art Basel, and a vibrant street art scene in Wynwood. However, as space prices in Wynwood and the Design District have soared, Little Haiti has emerged as an indie arts haven worth exploring. With its unique offerings and a resolute spirit, Little Haiti beckons art enthusiasts seeking an authentic and uncharted artistic experience.

Within this vibrant context, the forthcoming exhibition takes center stage. The collection of works embodies the concept proposed by encapsulating the meeting points between different art forms, traditions, perspectives, and global experiences. By exploring the theme of Intercrossing: Flashes in Current Art, the exhibition aims to challenge traditional boundaries and foster dialogues that celebrate diversity, hybridity, and collaboration.

The exhibition will feature works by a diverse mid-career and emerging artists from different countries in the Americas. These artists explore the concept of intercrossing through various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, collage, video, performance, and materials such as clay, acrylic, aluminum, oil on canvas, and industrial supplies. The artworks on display will challenge viewers to engage with the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of our interconnected world.

Dr. Milagros Bello is an expert on contemporary art with a proven track record of curating successful exhibitions both locally and internationally. She is passionate about supporting artists and helping them to advance their creative careers. As the founder and director of MIA Curatorial Projects, (formerly known as The Curator’s Voice Art Projects), she has developed a unique program that provides one-on-one mentorship, resources, and guiding support to artists at all stages of their careers. MIA Curatorial Projects is dedicated to supporting emergent, mid-career, and established artists, with a focus on curatorial projects in Contemporary Art. The organization introduces audiences to innovative artistic practices, responds to issues and ideas relevant to the community, and serves as a catalyst for dialogue and exchange.

The selected artists representing these diverse and rich cultural backgrounds include: Eliana Barbosa (Brazil/USA), Magaly Barnola-Otaola (Venezuela/USA), Ricardo Carbonell (Venezuela), Sergio Cesario (Brazil/USA), Sylvia Constantinidis (Venezuela/USA), Clark Medley (USA), Meg Cogburn (USA), Alfredo Esposito (Argentina), Laura Marmol (Venezuela/USA), Milagros Nunez (Venezuela/USA), Alexis Rivero (Venezuela/USA), Alfredo Sandoval (Venezuela/USA).

Discover the power of intercrossing and embark on a captivating journey through the intersections of contemporary art and humanity, where Miami's renowned art scene converges with the vanguard artistic spirit of Miami’s Little Haiti. The exhibition is open to the public from July 15 to August 15, 2023. Admission is free. Intermittent updates and programming will be posted on curator’s Instagram account @miacuratorial.

Some Analytical Approaches To The Confirmed Artists' Artworks

Eliana Barbosa (Brazil/USA) — proposes images created through ephemeral photography, captured over shapes delineated by the artist on a liquid surface. These images reflect intense concerns about the current sociopolitical crisis on ecology, racism, and human exploration. @elianabertibarbosa

Magaly Barnola-Otaola (Venezuela/USA) — employs sophisticated technology to explore superhuman archetypes as a hopeful reflection of civilization. The artist utilizes a technique of reversed photography mounted on light boxes, reworking and transposing. Intervened drawings into digital imagery. @magalybarnolaotaola

Ricardo Carbonell (Venezuela) — approaches drawing as an autonomous production. The artwork "Roman Numerals" is constructed through precise strokes and rectilinear lines, forming geometric rhythms that are arranged in numerical orders and positional systems. Using various papers, the artist utilizes monochromatic markers to create linear systemic sets on each individual sheet. These sets are then assembled into a single, large-format unit, resembling a colossal numerical board that evokes the intangible movements of the universe.

Francisco Ceron (Colombia) — presents intertextual images with social content, intertwining within the visually turbulent scene and capturing a socio-political revolt in Medellin. The work “Puerto Resistencia” is a digital collage composed of images that provide a broader perspective on the realities of Latin America. @ceronart

Sergio Cesario (Brazil/USA) — offers a series of transformative contemporary photographs in dense combustion and transition from reality and objectivity to fictional realms of reverie. In his Transhuman series, the artist reflects on the dissolution of humanity and its implicit redemption. @art.cesario

Meg Cogburn (USA) — explores the power of the subconscious in her paintings, delving into the realms of dreams and the metaphysical. Her works reveal a profusion of imagery interconnected with symbols of civilization and iconic cultural references, drawing inspiration from both inner and societal sources. @megcogburnart

Sylvia Constantinidis (Argentina/USA) — a music composer, pianist, and visual artist, connects her pictorial creation to her auratic and video compositions. By fusing sounds, music, and images, she creates meaningful passages of time and space, forging a cohesive relationship between different artistic mediums. @sylviaconstantinidis

Clark Medley (USA) — creates an imaginary fusional alphabet, encompassing cultural and social meta-referential paraphrasing of inner dialogues. The shapes in his work evoke a compendium of rich connections to the social graffiti lineage and calligraphies of Japan, China, Hebrew, and Islam. @clark_medley

Milagros Nunez (Venezuela/USA) — presents her Immigrant Series a visual narrative depicting the turbulent process of displaced humans. Women and children take critical roles in her digital works, emphasizing the changes and fractures experienced in this current societal issue. @milarte

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