Elizabethtown College Collaborates with Upright to Introduce Online Tech Bootcamps for Career Advancement

Elizabethtown College's School of Graduate and Professional Studies will begin enrolling adult learners interested in direct-to-career trainings in technology in any of Upright's online technology bootcamps.

Elizabethtown College Collaborates with Upright to Introduce Online Tech Bootcamps for Career Advancement
Elizabethtown, PA, July 18, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Recently, Elizabethtown College began a collaboration with Upright, a leading provider of online tech bootcamps, to offer a comprehensive range of career-focused programs in coding, UX/UI design, Tech Sales, Digital Marketing, and Data Analytics. These innovative online programs, which are instructor-led or expert-led, can be completed in a flexible timeframe of 8 to 24 weeks.

Through this collaboration, Elizabethtown College’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies aims to empower adult learners in the greater Elizabethtown region with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving tech industry. By providing accessible and convenient online education, the college is committed to enabling individuals to make successful career transitions and seize opportunities in high-demand fields.

“Elizabethtown College is delighted to partner with Upright Education to expand our education portfolio for post-traditional and career-changing learners offered through our School of Graduate and Professional Studies (SGPS). SGPS recognizes our learners have unique needs, where many do not seek or need a degree,” Marcy McCarty, Associate Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Elizabethtown College said. “We are committed to expanding access and educating our learners with different opportunities to meet student and workforce demands. The partnership allows SGPS to provide relevant skills in the fast-growing tech industry, allowing learners to excel and thrive with endless opportunities for career growth.”

The online tech bootcamps offered by Elizabethtown College and Upright are designed to provide a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience. Each program combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring students gain practical skills that are immediately applicable in the industry. With a focus on industry-relevant curriculum, these programs are tailored to meet the demands of today's job market.

Participants in the bootcamps will benefit from full career transition support, including career coaching, resume building, interview preparation, and access to a network of hiring partners. By leveraging Upright's extensive expertise in career services, Elizabethtown College ensures that students receive comprehensive guidance throughout their educational journey and beyond.

"We are excited to partner with Elizabethtown College to expand access to our online tech bootcamps," said Benny Boas, CEO of Upright. "This collaboration allows us to combine our expertise in delivering high-quality tech education with Elizabethtown College's commitment to academic excellence. Together, we can empower individuals in the Central Pennsylvania region to embark on rewarding career paths in the dynamic field of technology."

Upright's proven track record of success with other college partners is remarkable, with historically high job placement rates of approximately 92% for adult learners. This partnership between Elizabethtown College and Upright promises to replicate this success, enabling individuals to make meaningful career transitions and contribute to the thriving tech ecosystem.

For more information about the online tech bootcamps offered by Elizabethtown College and Upright, please visit bootcamp.etown.edu.
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