Nova USA Wood Products Now Offers Product Details to Thousands of Architects Through SpecLink

Highlights Include Nova’s ExoClad® QuickClip® Hidden Siding Fastening & Tropical Hardwood Rainscreen Siding Systems

Nova USA Wood Products Now Offers Product Details to Thousands of Architects Through SpecLink
Portland, OR, September 12, 2023 --( Nova USA Wood Products, a leading supplier of high-quality tropical hardwood products and accessories, has enlisted SpecLink to supply extensive catalog and specification information to thousands of building professionals looking to specify their next project at This includes in-depth details for the company’s ExoDek® and ExoClad® QuickClips®, which were developed to accommodate the natural shrinkage and swelling of hardwood Rainscreen decking and siding throughout the four seasons.

“SpecLink was developed by architects, engineers and designers to streamline and expedite the specification process for new buildings and structures,” said Keaton Smith, Nova’s wood systems product manager. “Through this cloud-based software program they can now complete the search for actual materials like Nova’s Rainscreen hidden fastening systems by just selecting a category like 'Wood Siding.' This will enable users to access a full complement of specification information that they can easily format into their drawings and planning documents.

“Included are the descriptive, specification and catalog information for our ExoDek® QuickClip® hidden fastening system, which work with all types of decking including composite and thermally modified boards. Another is our modern ExoClad® QuickClip®, which works with all types of wood siding including thermally modified boards and composite boards milled to Nova's rainscreen siding profile. It also stands out from many other Rainscreen hidden fastening systems by including ¾” air gaps between the structure and wood siding boards to ensure the wood’s thermal insulation and moisture stability.”

In addition, SpecLink was introduced by the experts at RIB to allow teams of building professionals to come together to create, edit, share and manage construction documents. Utilizing a robust database, users can select and add specification sections as needed. This streamlines documentation and helps avoid confusion over version-control by leveraging real-time information created by our in-house team of spec writers and design professionals.

“SpecLink reaches about 23,000 architects and other professionals,” added Smith. “It is ideal for generating awareness for our full product line, installation systems and their many applications. We are looking forward to the rewards of this collaboration, which includes providing in-depth product information on our hardwood decking and siding including Batu/Red Balau, Bangkirai/Golden Balau, Torem/South Pacific Redwood, Ipe, and tiles.”

For more details on Nova’s complete line of Real Wood Solutions please visit or call 503-419-6407.

To learn more information about Nova USA Wood Products on the SpecLink website please visit at

About Nova USA Wood Products
Launched in 2005, Nova is dedicated to the supply of superior, high-quality hardwood products and accessories available at the most competitive prices in today’s marketplace. This includes the company’s Real Wood Solutions like its proprietary line of ExoShield Wood Stain, ExoDek® QuickClip® hidden fasteners, ExoClad® QuickClip® Rainscreen Siding Clips and premium tropical hardwood decking and siding products.
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