Cads, Princes & Best Friends, a Tale of Lust, Love & Redemption, a Memoir by Danielle Coulanges examines relationships and personal transformation!

“Enlightening and Inspirational!” --- “A great read!!!! A great ride!!!” The newly published memoir of songwriter and former fashion designer Danielle Coulanges hits bookshelves in the spring of 2008 exploring among other things, the timely subject of monogamy (or the lack thereof) in relationships. This story of survival and transformation epitomizes the "Butterfly Phenomenon."

Cads, Princes & Best Friends, a Tale of Lust, Love & Redemption, a Memoir by Danielle Coulanges examines relationships and personal transformation!
Jersey City, NJ, June 18, 2008 --( Is our culture a true monogamous society when the news abounds with stories of government officials and celebrities confessing to extramarital trysts, while the rest of the population tries to keep their little secrets under wrap?

“Is true commitment dead?” asks author Danielle Coulanges as relationships are examined in public view for clues on how the individuals involved deal with the private devastation of betrayal.

Cads, Princes & Best Friends is the story of an ordinary woman whose personal struggles in a relationship and the subsequent break-up force her to examine the relevance of those issues and more in her own life.

Realizing that devaluing her self-worth has trapped her in a tumultuous business and love relationship for a decade, Danielle decides to walk away. Starting over will be a breeze, she thinks. Thirty-something, she just needs a new man, her own business, and lots of money to embark on a wonderful life. Instead, she thrashes about in choppy and unfamiliar waters to survive; juggling work, business, and dating in 1990’s New York.

Cads, Princes & Best Friends recounts the lustful days, meditates on the search for love and rejoices in finding the self as it chronicles the struggles and successes of a woman who completely reshaped her life.

Cads, Princes & Best Friends shares lessons learned regarding relationships and life choices. It shows how a sense of self can be elevated or destroyed by the company we keep. Most of all it inspires anyone facing negative situations to have the courage to change and transform their life into something wonderfully fulfilling.

“There is a butterfly inside each of us waiting to come out,” Danielle says. “The challenge is to recognize that truth with grace and in faith to experience the transformation. Failing that, some of us remain in a larva state or emerge with broken wings, unable to take flight on that beautiful journey called life.”

Danielle Coulanges has been a fashion designer, an entertainer and business woman, but she was born to write. She sings in the choir of the Christian Cultural Center, a twenty-eight thousand-member church in Brooklyn, New York and she resides in New Jersey with her husband.

Cads, Princes & Best Friends is published by iUniverse, Inc., a leading provider of print-on-demand publishing technology solutions. It is available online at and and at local bookstores through Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor.

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