Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens Establishes MOU with Loyola University Maryland’s Sellinger School of Business and Management

Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens Establishes MOU with Loyola University Maryland’s Sellinger School of Business and Management
Baltimore, MD, March 05, 2024 --(PR.com)-- The Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens, also known as the Centre for World Citizens, has formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sellinger School of Business and Management at Loyola University Maryland. This groundbreaking partnership aims to enhance bilateral relations and international humanitarian involvement, while encouraging the younger generation to engage in sustainable development and innovate within limited resources to create international influence in various fields.

Long committed to addressing the Syrian refugee crisis, the Centre's founder and chief architect, Mr. Chiu Chen-Yu, was invited to the United States for a series of meetings with academic and governmental institutions. On February 28, he delivered a two-hour lecture at Loyola University in Baltimore, which was followed by high-level discussions with university officials. The MOU was subsequently signed by Mr. Chiu Chen-Yu on behalf of the Centre and Professor Mary Ann Scully, Dean of the Sellinger School, solidifying a commitment to integrate educational resources and civil society efforts from both Taiwan and the United States, thereby expanding the Centre's influence in North America.

The Centre, located near the Syrian border in Turkey, is a refugee camp designed with semi-permanent structures and encompasses a wide range of facilities, including women’s social enterprises, refugee children's education, emergency medical services, and shelter. Eschewing traditional temporary solutions, the Centre adopts participatory design and collaborative construction methods, engaging Syrian refugees, local residents, and the government in building a sustainable community aimed at providing more substantial and long-term solutions to refugee issues.

The Centre's initiatives, such as the women's workshop and the UN IOM-sponsored school, have not only been successful in their respective areas but have also provided meaningful experiences and profound life lessons for Taiwanese students participating in various projects. These include organic composting from kitchen waste, recycling plastic waste into circular economy products, and regular remote teaching and cultural exchange programs.

The MOU with Loyola University Maryland marks a significant milestone for the Centre. Professors Irem Demirkan and Hung-bin Ding of the Sellinger School played crucial roles in facilitating this partnership. The collaboration aims to enlighten business students about the importance of civic participation and innovative thinking in creating business models that achieve both profit and social responsibility.

As Mr. Chiu Chen-Yu articulates, the refugee issue is a global concern, and the Centre represents a collective effort. Looking forward, the Centre aims to promote sustainable architecture and humanitarian aid not only in the United States but also by integrating wisdom and resources from various countries and regions. Mr. Chiu Chen-Yu expresses gratitude for this opportunity to share the Centre’s accomplishments with a mainstream American audience, acknowledging the complexity and challenges of international humanitarian and refugee issues. This partnership symbolizes a step towards garnering more support and involvement to provide the most vulnerable groups with a home and sustainable employment.
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