Woman’s Rights Film, “15” Set to Premier at the Red Dirt Film Festival

The award winning film, "15" Premiers in Oklahoma with this first screening. Oklahoma native, a 5th generation Oklahoman, Melody Brooke brings her compelling story based on a real events to the Red Dirt Film Festival. The film addresses the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade and its impact on women in the states restricting abortion access.

Woman’s Rights Film, “15” Set to Premier at the Red Dirt Film Festival
Albuquerque, NM, April 09, 2024 --(PR.com)-- In the wake of the 2022 Dobb's Decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Melody Brooke, an acclaimed scriptwriter, responded powerfully by creating the short film "15." This poignant work sheds light on the repercussions of restricted abortion rights through the lens of a 15-year-old girl facing an unexpected pregnancy amidst societal pressures. Drawing from personal experience, Brooke intricately explores the complexities young girls encounter, urging dialogue on family dynamics and societal expectations.

"15" has garnered acclaim at numerous festivals, spotlighting critical health risks and societal burdens stemming from limited reproductive rights. Its profound impact has sparked discussions and earned accolades that underscore its importance. With 13 prestigious awards, including Best Film of the Year, "15" has resonated globally, reflecting the pressing need for empathetic storytelling and advocacy for a more inclusive future.

Early screenings of "15" have evoked strong reactions from viewers, emphasizing its significance in addressing contemporary challenges. Testimonials praise its thought-provoking narrative, highlighting the film's role in fostering understanding and dialogue on pertinent societal issues.

In a time where discussions on women's rights are paramount, "15" stands as a beacon for change. Melody Brooke's expertise as a producer, known for her work on societal issues, ensures the film's impact extends beyond entertainment, provoking empathy and action. By embracing diverse perspectives and evoking meaningful discourse, 15 paves the way for a brighter future where the rights and dignity of all individuals are upheld.

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About Melody Brooke: As a passionate filmmaker devoted to storytelling that
sparks dialogue and fosters social change, her latest project, "15," shines a light on the challenges faced by young girls and advocates for women's rights.
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Screenshot from "15"

Screenshot from "15"

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The Confruntation

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