Sagittarius: High Speed in Space

Sagittarius: High Speed in Space
Sidney, NY, April 25, 2024 --( Amphenol Military High Speed (AMHS) is announcing the official launch of Sagittarius: a new branch of Centaur, the high-density, high-speed cable and connector system.

Named after the centaur star constellation Sagittarius, this new space-grade product line brings the same reliability, high speeds, and high density that users of Centaur have come to expect and adds low-outgassing, no tin, and electroless nickel plating for surviving the harsh environments of space.

“I’m always amazed at how quickly the Centaur product line has grown. It filled an urgent need for rugged data centers to pass huge amounts of data through a Mil-Standard D38999 connector.” Says Centaur Product Manager, Stephen Fernandez. “I figured, if they need it down here, they probably need it up there too. And our customers agreed! We are really excited for where Sagittarius will continue to take this product line.”

The elimination of tin inside the Centaur contact system, means that Centaur is now ready for space-based uses such as reconnaissance, weather tracking, communication, navigation and more. This change is critical now that space was labeled the “most essential” domain for the U.S. Military according to the Pentagon.

The Centaur connector and cable system is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Sidney, NY, and Mesa, AZ, USA. It boasts a speed of up to 56Gbps PAM 4 with up to 40 differential pairs per connector. More information can be found on Amphenol's website (

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How fast can Centaur/Sagittarius go?

--Up to 56Gbps PAM 4 depending on protocols being used and cable lengths needed

2. How many differential pairs?

--Shell size 25 – 40 DP plus 10 single ended
--Shell size 23 – 32 DP plus 8 single ended
--Shell size 17 – 12 DP plus 6 single ended

Amphenol Military High Speed (AMHS)

AMHS is a business unit within Amphenol specializing in high speed, rugged applications for the military and aerospace. Stretching far beyond connectors, AMHS's exclusively rugged lineup includes Ethernet switches, media converters, transceivers, and high-density, high-speed parts for copper and fiber.

Contact Stephen Fernandez, for more information.
Amphenol Military High Speed
Stephanie Fritz
(607) 563-5419
Centaur: Sagittarius One-Pager

Centaur: Sagittarius One-Pager

Experience the best in the galaxy with Centaur’s space series: Sagittarius. A ruggedized D38999 connector and high-speed cable package optimized for ultra high-speed applications in the punishing environments of space.