The Swiss Army Knife of Plastic and Fiber Thermoforming: the Modular BMG NXT Platform

This year, BMG will take a different approach to the trade show experience at NPE by pushing their all-new BMG brand experience to a separate room off the main floor. This external location, just steps from the main experience, will give guests a more intimate opportunity to take in the entire BMG entity and its offerings.

The Swiss Army Knife of Plastic and Fiber Thermoforming: the Modular BMG NXT Platform
Beaverton, MI, May 02, 2024 --( BMG, a global leader in full-service thermoforming packaging and automation technology, is a group of highly skilled companies and personnel that has historically been the leader in the development and manufacturing of industry-changing improvements for the entire thermoforming end-to-end processes. For years, this has benefited manufacturers of packaging products in several different verticals. BMG continues to engineer innovations that provide their customers with world-class, end-to-end solutions, shorter developmental lead times, and outstanding executional design flexibility.

This year, BMG will take a different approach to the trade show experience at NPE by pushing their all-new BMG brand experience to a separate room off the main floor. This external location, just steps from the main experience, will give guests a more intimate opportunity to take in the entire BMG entity and its offerings. Away from the hustle and bustle of the mass show environment, this new interaction allows individuals or groups to gather qualified information and interact with executives and technicians in a visual experience that will entertain and inform.

Part of the whole immersion experience is getting a first-hand look at BMG’s new technology solution, the NXT Platform. Since the beginning of time, man has been driven to make things easier, to create solutions that minimize effort, and to forge ahead along the path that creates a perfect process. BMG’s new NXT platform can run either plastic or fiber, thus creating the industry's first true universal modular design that could change at the drop of a hat. The NXT offers ease of access and the ability to quickly add additional stations. It's operator-friendly with easy and safe tool changeovers and all handled by one operator — allowing one operator to work two machines. A revolution in thermoforming technologies designed with change in mind.

Get away from the crowd this year, relax, and take in the BMG NXT modular experience. They felt it was essential to create a visual interactive environment allowing potential clients and the press to relax and experience all aspects of the NXT. This more private showcase provides the optimum area to learn more about NXT’s modular end-to-end thermoforming engineering without interruption from the masses. This truly unique modular plug-and-play thermoforming technology allows the client to build on-demand features into the process to custom fit for now and the future. This and all the other BMG plastic and fiber thermoforming technologies will all be available on an interactive 85” screen, and experts will be on hand to help present that information and discuss needs and solutions with anyone who has questions. All of this will be at this year's NPE 2024 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This will be an excellent opportunity to get a first-hand look at all the technologies and platforms and their capabilities, so be sure to stop by the show and visit their room #W232C, Hall E in West Hall, between May 6–10. BMG’s experts will be available to speak about their extensive line of intuitive thermoforming solutions.

BMG continues its efforts to provide world-class end-to-end customer solutions and outstanding executional design flexibility for its customers. The NXT platform provides augmented modular design functions that capitalize on the ability to run both plastic and fiber, the importance of minimizing customer downtime, ensuring consistent, measurable results, and the finite process of developing resilient thermoforming processes. That's why they've dedicated themselves to pioneering advanced technologies that not only meet industry standards but exceed them.

As an added bonus, visitors will be able to take a peek at the new patented BMG pizza box solution. This new revelation in pizza transportation is all part of BMG’s continued efforts to bring to market improved processes and products for its manufacturing customers. This new advancement will turn the pizza industry upside down. Advancements in technology and new patents like this are leading the thermoforming industry to significant improvements in fit characteristics and sustainability, all driven by BMG’s engineering process improvements.

BMG is very aware that many customers have requirements for plastic and fiber thermoforming needs that require extremely accurate and consistent assemblies, minimal waste, increased operator control, incredible energy efficiency, and automation, all of which improve operational excellence and positively affect ROI.

BMG also invites visitors to take this opportunity to experience its newly released rebranded website and explore its entire product line at this year's NPE Show. Attendees can immerse themselves in the BMG experience through their 85-inch interactive display, which provides a visual tour of everything BMG has to offer. For more information about the 2024 NPE Show and BMG’s involvement, visit

BMG’s new site has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality, allowing customers to see the entire product portfolio that BMG has to offer. As part of this launch, they will also showcase their new rebranding efforts that will unify all of their internal corporations and respective disciplines so clients have access to everything they need with one point of contact. See what it's all about at

The NPE Show will also allow BMG to display additional new product offerings for plastic and paper thermoforming innovations that shouldn’t be missed. Stop by their room, #W232C, and they will answer all visitor’s questions about thermoforming, the process, the solutions, and the avenues to travel down to get the best possible outcome for your packaging and automation needs.

“Our goal all along has been to build a cohesive, clear, and concise brand identity and show an environment that supports a unified effort to supply clients with a true one-stop shop for the entire thermoforming process. One that is clear in the minds of our global customer base and free from any confusion. We will be talking to everyone who wants to know about it so we can better explain the how and why of it all,” said BMG CCO Jake Kowalewski.

In order to lead an industry, BMG has to create advancements in technology that allow manufacturers down the line to engineer unique solutions for their customers. Incredible market growth and key market indicators have paved the way for BMG to introduce an enhanced manufacturing process across various sectors, including food, medical, electronics, horticulture, and ancillary packaging. Be sure to visit their booth to explore and learn more about these advancements, which are detailed and showcased comprehensively. Advancements in technology and new patents have led to significant improvements in fit characteristics and sustainability, which are driven by their engineering process improvements.

“Many of our new brand efforts focus on sustainability. One of our main drivers in engineering new manufacturing solutions is to constantly allow for production improvements and sustainable applications to see how we can assist customers in reducing their carbon footprint, address their sustainability concerns for the future, and engineer smarter,” said BMG CEO Koben Miceli.

BMG remains steadfast in its dedication to supporting customers seeking thermoforming packaging and automation solutions. With a keen focus on detail, BMG delivers comprehensive end-to-end solutions, prioritizing shorter development timelines, enhanced ROI, reduced operational costs, and unmatched global service commitment.

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