MRM Classroom Connections New Products for Teachers and Parents

MRM Classroom Connections New Products for Teachers and Parents
Ramsey, NJ, June 21, 2008 --( Teaching Is a Calling, Not a Job.

Maria Rios-Marrero director of MRM Classroom Connections creator of Word Wall Words for First Grade and Word Wall Words for Second Grade has a passion for teaching and learning. As a teacher for 25 years, she taught children with special needs, language concerns, and low performing students. During her time in the classroom she worked diligently to find the “method” that would work for each individual student to reach maximum success.

Maria quit her teaching job to pursue her dream of giving workshops for teachers and parents utilizing strategies to “get the best” from their children.
While doing workshops, teachers would ask if any of her ideas were somewhere for purchase. During one specific workshop she finally was pinned down to create the Word Wall Kits you see today.

These kits are to be utilized by not only teachers but parents as well. Parents are the first line of learning for children, even before they start school. “Parents are the partners” that teachers need for student success.

High quality products that children enjoy and learn with are hard to come by—but Word Wall Words for First and Second Grade keep children interested and learning in a fun manner.

Children need to know certain words by sight; these are called high-frequency words. These words make up 80% of the words children read and write. Sight words cannot be “sounded out”; students need to know them by sight, by memorizing them. The Word Wall Kits have 100 to 110 words embedded in a graphic design for children to color and “find” the featured word.

The graphics are interesting to color, keep children’s interest and enable them to interact with these words in a fun way.

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