A Health Diary and Food Journal for the Rest of Us

For women who would like to keep a food diary, exercise log and health journal in two minutes a day or less. The Bio-Diary for Women by FitMinder is an easy-to-use alternative to food and exercise journals that require tedious daily entries. Its unique format offers and useful and beautiful tool to record and analyze health information.

A Health Diary and Food Journal for the Rest of Us
Sacramento, CA, June 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Keeping a food diary or health journal is highly recommended these days as a way to manage diet and health. But many people are put off by the thought of recording every bite they eat. They are too busy living their lives to spend the day recording it. Now there's an alternative for people who want to track diet, exercise, and health issues, without the tedious detail.

Most food journals and exercise logs are designed for people who are committed to detailed daily tracking of their progress. But what about people who can't commit to that level, but still want the usefulness of a food diary, exercise log, and health journal -- for things like illnesses, medications, sleep problems, allergies, stress, energy level and other health issues? And what if the most time they could commit was a couple of minutes, once a day?

Marie Karner, a Sacramento business owner, has been keeping a health journal for six years, and has designed a simple and effective tool for women who only have time for the big picture. For those whose life speedometer runs in weeks or months -- not hours or days, the Bio-Diary's "quick-scan" format helps manage health info and keep goals in sight.

The Bio-Diary for Women™ uses a simple monthly log book format with columns, and tracks one month at a time, using eight different pages. Two minutes is about all it takes to jot down one day's worth of meals, exercise, health symptoms and other info. The format is flexible and can be customized to suit different needs. Because it provides a snapshot view of months at a glance, it is particularly useful in identifying cause-and-effect relationships, and analyzing patterns and trends. Each month features a diary page for moments when a minute or two of writing is not only therapeutic, but useful as well.
The Bio-Diary for Women™ is available online at Amazon and also at FitMinder Publishing's website at fitminder.com.

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