The Water Crisis Solution

Almost one fifth of the world lacks access to safe drinking water. Xziex Inc. has a solution in which they extract, fresh, uncontaminated, clean, safe, water from the air you breathe. The water is extracted in a patented process into an atmospheric water generator. In this machine the water that is produced is filtered and ready to drink. Xziex Inc. is excited to offer this technology and will be donating 7% of its profits to help provide machines to areas of the world in need.

Daphne, AL, July 24, 2008 --( XZIEX has a mission to provide the world with fresh, clean, drinking water. This mission could be accomplished with the use of the XZIEX Atmospheric Water Generator, a machine that provides an inexpensive, limitless source of drinking water from the air. The XZIEX Atmospheric Water Generator is similar to a 5 gallon water cooler, but all similarities stop there. This machine uses the humidity found in the Earth's atmosphere to produce pure, clean, fresh drinking water. The company's focus is to help get water to the world in an economical, eco-friendly manner. The founders are donating 7% of their net profits from the sale of every XZIEX Machine to a foundation that will take this technology to people who need it the most. Their goal is to provide the world fresh, clean drinking water.

XZIEX offers two different types of machines; the XZIEX Elite and the XZIEX Pro. The Elite fits on your counter-top or table. This machine has a maximum water storage capacity of 1.82 gallons. It has duo water source flexibility with air-to-water or by hooking it up to a water line. The Pro is a free standing machine that holds 5 gallons of water, and has an LED Display. Both machines filter the water using ultra violet light that kills the germs and bacteria that is in the water. The water is then sent through two solid carbon block water filters, which removes the volatile organic chemicals that could be in the water. It is then filtered through a UF membrane to remove any remaining bacteria and common viruses. The end result is safe, clean, drinking water directly from the air.

Holistic Health Consultant and author, Rayna Gangi, endorses the Xziex machines and mission. “We have a global water crisis, says Gangi, “and that includes drought, pollution, and utility corruption. We add a solar generator to the list of necessities. Imagine your child actually enjoying a drink of water.” Gangi has written to Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities who believe in children and the environment. “There should be a water generator in every school, hospital, municipal building and on every playground.” Contact Gangi’s company at or to receive information on the Xziex water generator call 251-979-0219.

Elsa Claverie