Micar SRL

The company MICAR was founded in 1991 as Production Company for car spare parts. At this point, it owns 7100 sq meters, 1500 sq meters being occupied by buildings in the west industrial area of Craiova, at the E70 road exit.

Company Equipment - generalities

Machine-tools Yard - the company MICAR has a machine-tools yard with the following layout:
-a section for multiexpander turret-lathes, which can process diameters between 4 and 42 mm for middle and big series and a CN lathe;
-a section for parallel mandrel stock and footstock lathes, which can process diameters between 2 and 250 mm and lengths between 300 and 1500 mm;
-a department for milling, thread cutting, drilling, reaming, chamfering, finishing, surface grinding, sets and building blocks mounting;
-a department for die casting of non-ferrous alloys, with a maximum weight of 0.200 kg;
-technical office for casting patterns, casting dies and plastics or TSP moulds;
-a department manufacturing wood, aluminium, cast iron casting patterns, and casting or steel casting dies.

Production - the company produces high precision parts for car manufacturing and for the industry. The production is made of fuel jets, brake ducts brake pump pistons, axes and valve bodies, water distributors, fittings and joints, screws and so on.

Materials – the company has a long experience in the processing of stainless steel, aluminium alloys, brass, bronze, cast iron and plastic materials.

Quality – the company has a quality-check system according to the SR-EN-ISO9001 standard and also has measurement and control instruments that can guarantee a high quality standard.
Scheduling and Delivery - The supply orders are controlled by qualified personnel that can guarantee fastness and precision.


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