Amy Peters' Studio

Amy Peters' Studio
Amy Peters' Studio

Fun, Whimsical and Inspiring...Jewelry that holds special meaning for the wearer.

Most of the jewelry designs are inscribed with an inspirational message, meant to create a connection for the owner of the design. All original designs are created by Amy Peters, they are then cast and assembled in the production studio in picturesque central California. Amy Peters founded the company on the belief that jewelry is more than just a fashion statement, it can also be a statement about your hopes and dreams in life. Peters' designs strike a cord with women of all ages, making the pieces extremely versatile. All of Amy Peters' Studio's jewelry is created with quality and workmanship in mind, and the pieces are meant to be lasting keepsakes.

Amy Peters' Studio designs have been seen in Magazines, on Televison, in Movies and on some of today's hottest celebrities.

In 2005, Amy Peters was chosen by The Crafts Report magazine as one of ten "People to watch in American Craft". Peters' company has a philanthropic philosophy and supports many causes including; art in schools, cancer centers and parkinson's support groups.

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Company History

Amy Peters' Studio was founded in 1995. The first "studio" was a victorian carriage shed with a dirt floor and no running water. Now Amy Peters' Studio designs are sold in over 600 galleries, boutiques and catalogs across the country.