International School of Arizona

International School of Arizona

International School of Arizona

The International School of Arizona (ISAZ) is a not-for-profit school offering classes from pre-school (2 yrs.) through fifth grade.

ISAZ offers a unique program following curriculum set forth by the French and Spanish Ministries of Education and the State of Arizona. ISA is accredited by the French Ministry of Education. ISAZ students, if need be, can transition easily into either the American or a European system of education.

Our curriculum, which emphasizes second language acquisition through immersion, features rigorous traditional academic subjects (language, mathematics, sciences and social studies) as well as fine arts, music, computer learning and physical education.

Our programs consist of:
French/English – Available for Pre-School (starting at age 2) and Elementary (through 5th grade)
Spanish/English – Available for Pre-School (starting at age 2) and Elementary – a 3rd grade class will be opened in 2012/13 and additional grade levels will be added each year as students grow with the program.

In addition to our school programs, ISAZ offers Language Immersion Summer Camps, After-School language classes and Saturday language classes to children who do not attend ISAZ during the school year.

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