TouchSystems Adds X 46 Multi-Touch Solution

With increased demand for large multi-touch screens, TouchSystems is meeting it with new products like the 46-inch, multi-touch X4680I-U2. - November 15, 2013

TouchSystems Grows Multi-Touch Screen Offerings with New 46- and 55-Inch Displays

TouchSystems adds two new multi-touch large-format displays to its entry-level line, the V Series. - October 18, 2013

TouchSystems Introduces 40-Inch Multi-Touch Screen

TouchSystems grows its multi-touch product offerings with the addition of a 40-inch, commercial-grade touch screen that has six touch points. - September 27, 2013

TouchSystems Improves V Series with LED-Backlit Touch Screens

TouchSystems helps customers decrease the total cost of ownership related to owning a touch screen with the upgraded V Series touch displays. - May 30, 2013

Ma Labs Joins TouchSystems as a Distributor

TouchSystems continues to grow as evidenced by the addition of new partner Ma Labs. - May 23, 2013

TouchSystems Introduces New Multi-Touch 55-Inch Display

TouchSystems grows its executive line of displays with the addition of a multi-touch 55-inch display. - April 25, 2013

TouchSystems Grows Touch Screen Line with New Multi-Touch Display

TouchSystems adds a new multi-touch (12 touch points) display to its budget-friendly line of large-format touch displays. - April 11, 2013

TouchSystems Introduces InspiraTouch Multi-Touch Touch Tables

TouchSystems adds to its product offerings with InspiraTouch, a line of multi-touch touch tables. - February 20, 2013

TouchSystems to Exhibit at Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2013

TouchSystems will exhibit at booth 756 at Digital Signage Expo 2013. The company will showcase some of its newest products. - January 16, 2013

TouchSystems Introduces 32" Multi-Touch Display

TouchSystems grows its projected capacitive line InnovaTouch with the addition of a 32" display. - November 16, 2012

TouchSystems Brings Projected Capacitive Touch Screens to Commercial Markets

TouchSystems projected capacitive line finds a home in commercial markets such as medical institutions, manufacturing environments, and government facilities. - September 20, 2012

TouchSystems Joins the Digital Signage Federation

TouchSystems illustrates its alignment with the interactive display and digital signage sectors through its membership with the Digital Signage Federation. - August 30, 2012

TouchSystems Grows Its Projected Capacitive Line

TouchSystems has added three new desktop monitors to its InnovaTouch product line. - August 16, 2012

TouchSystems Integrates Award-Winning High Bright Display

TouchSystems has integrated NEC's award-winning High Bright display with Dispersive Signal Technology (DST). - August 02, 2012

TouchSystems Introduces New 24" Desktop Touch Monitor

TouchSystems announces new 24" desktop touch monitor integrated with resistive or surface capacitive touch technology. - July 19, 2012

Touchsystems Touches More Markets

TouchSystems is reaching out to non-profit community organizations and digital signage software vendors. - July 05, 2012

TouchSystems Introduces First Outdoor Interactive Display

TouchSystems has integrated the X 46" High Bright display with Dispersive Signal Technology (DST). - June 21, 2012

TouchSystems Integrates 42" Large-Format Display with Infra Red Technology

TouchSystems introduces multi-touch capabilities to another large-format display. - June 07, 2012

TouchSystems Integrates PulseIR with Sharp 47" Display

TouchSystems now offers a multi-touch solution in the Sharp Series of large-format displays. - May 17, 2012

TouchSystems Accessorizes Digital Signage with Peerless-AV Mounts

TouchSystems is working with Peerless-AV to provide another mounting option for digital signage and large-format, touch displays. - May 03, 2012

TouchSystems Debuts Multi-Touch, All-in-One, Point-of-Sale Solution

TouchSystems expands its projected capacitive product line with an all-in-one unit. - April 26, 2012

TouchSystems Goes Greener with Improved Recycling Program

TouchSystems announces its updated recycling program in honor of the upcoming Earth Day. - April 19, 2012

TouchSystems Announces Change in Ownership Status

TouchSystems announces status as a woman- and minority-owned business. - April 12, 2012

TouchSystems Announces 22-Inch Projected Capacitive Open Frame Display

TouchSystems adds to its projected capacitive line InnovaTouch with a 22-inch, open frame display. - April 05, 2012

TouchSystems Announces Addition of Sharp Large-Format Displays Integrated with DST

TouchSystems adds the Sharp 42" and 47" large-format displays integrated with Dispersive Signal Technology to its product offerings. - March 29, 2012

TouchSystems Launches Innova Touch, a New Line of Projected Capacitive Monitors

TouchSystems announces new product IW2235P-U and new family line InnovaTouch. - March 22, 2012

TouchSystems Announces Next-Generation P 55" Touch Display

TouchSystems announces the new and improved P 55" large-format, touch display. - March 15, 2012

TouchSystems Announces Availability of Two, Large-Format, Touch Displays

TouchSystems adds the X 46" and the X 55" to the channel. Both displays are integrated with dispersive signal technology (DST). - March 08, 2012

TouchSystems Announces Its First Multi-Touch, Large-Format Display

TouchSystems adds a 46" display integrated with multi-touch technology to the P Series. - March 01, 2012

TouchSystems Announces Addition of P1 55” Interactive Display

TouchSystems announces the release of the largest interactive display available utilizing DST technology. - September 28, 2011

TouchSystems Announces Addition of TouchSystems TE Open Frame Series

TouchSystems releases the TE Open Frame Series, an industrial grade cosmetically appealing, custom touch solution. - July 21, 2011

TouchSystems Signs Distribution Agreement with Ingram Micro

TouchSystems recently signed a distribution agreement with Ingram Micro, allowing TouchSystems to better reach and serve customers. - May 24, 2011

TouchSystems & Lo-K Incorporated Set to Debut New Kiosk Product at CETW

TouchSystems and Lo-K will debut the new kiosk product line at CETW April 27-28 in San Francisco. - April 27, 2011

TouchSystems Debuts New Website

TouchSystems is pleased to announce their fresh new website--just in time for spring. With a focus on usability and making it easier for customers to find products, the new website features a cleaner layout, more robust content and easier to use navigation. - April 15, 2011

TouchSystems Expands TE Series Line, Adds WTE Series

TouchSystems adds wide format WTE Series to TouchSystems TE Series. - December 17, 2010

TouchSystems Announces Addition of TouchSystems TE Series Touch Monitors

New TouchSystems TE Series Touch Monitors Combine Performance and Value - December 03, 2010

TouchSystems Continues to Grow

TouchSystems continues to buck the national trend of job and profit losses, adding six employees since the beginning of September, and increasing production and invoicing by 50% each since August. Doing so does not require a magic touch. Instead, TouchSystems is thriving in a wide-open touch... - October 30, 2010

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