Temperatures Are Rising – It's Time to Check Your Cooling Towers

As Texas and other parts of the country start to heat up, cooling towers will be in full use. Hyperion Biotechnology offers Legionella testing to monitor for bacteria growth to help reduce the risk of spread from cooling towers. - April 21, 2021

Collection Services Provide Peace of Mind in Fight Against Legionella Bacteria

Hyperion Biotechnology expands Legionella water collection services in several California cities and other U.S. locations. Facility owners can schedule services to support their water safety plans. - February 11, 2021

3 Steps to Take Now to Reduce the Risk of Legionella in a Building’s Water System

After shutdowns due to coronavirus, businesses are reopening and there are steps building owners can take to check the water safety of their buildings. Hyperion provides Legionella water testing to help businesses reduce the risk of Legionella. - November 01, 2020

Legionnaires’ Disease Cases Lead to Legionella Water Testing

Hyperion Offers Testing to Identify If Legionella Bacteria Are Growing in a Building’s Water System. - October 03, 2020

Testing is the Only Way to Confirm Water is Not Contaminated with Legionella Bacteria

Hyperion Biotechnology is offering complimentary Legionella water testing to local schools in San Antonio, Texas. - September 17, 2020

Harmful Bacteria May be Growing in a Building’s Water During COVID-19 Shutdowns

Legionella Water Testing Kits can help Businesses Reopen Safely. Hyperion Biotechnology now provides everything building owners need to collect samples for laboratory analysis to determine if Legionella bacteria are present. - August 15, 2020

Help for Hotels as They Reopen - Hyperion Biotechnology Offers Legionella Water Testing

Hotel owners can test water systems to ensure guests’ safety from exposure to Legionella, a bacteria that can cause Legionnaires’ disease when spread through mist from a hotel’s water system. - August 07, 2020

Hyperion Biotechnology's Legionella Water Testing Services Can Help Businesses Reopen Safely

Coronavirus is not the only concern for business owners as they reopen. Another threat to health safety is water-borne bacteria called Legionella. - July 17, 2020

No Pricks, No Sticks, No Pain - Hyperion Biotechnology’s Fatigue Testing Featured on Health-Briefs TV with Terry Bradshaw

Hyperion’s non-invasive saliva testing provides an objective measure of fatigue to help combat the risks associated with high fatigue levels in the workplace, in athletic programs, on the road, and on health. - September 07, 2014

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