HAGA Welcomes Customer Inquiries on Its Amazon Q&A Board

Home and Garden America, a seed company that sells organic non-hybrid seeds on Amazon.com, has made its Q&A board available to the public. The said discussion board is the perfect place for customers and other potential shoppers to ask questions directly to the company regarding its seed... - April 12, 2015

Amazon Customers Actively Participate on HAGA’s Community Board

Home and Garden America's official Amazon Community Q&A Board has been generating plenty of buzz since it was publicly opened. - April 12, 2015

More Preppers Are Using HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds to Grow Survival Gardens

Home and Garden America, a Nevada-based organic seed seller, is pleased with the increasing popularity of survival gardens these days. - April 09, 2015

HAGA’s Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Considered Ideal for Spring Gardening

Spring is always the perfect time to take up gardening. This season often attracts many beginners who are looking for their very first seed pack to grow. - April 04, 2015

HAGA Encourages Going Organic to Lessen Exposure to Pesticides

It is an unfortunate fact that most of the produce available today have been exposed to pesticide. Commercial farming practices still revolve around using pesticides and growing genetically-modified (GMO) seeds—making it harder for the ordinary consumer to access safe food. Home and Garden... - April 01, 2015

HAGA Experts Alarmed by the Potential Extinction of Fruit & Vegetable Seeds in 80 Years

A thought-provoking article recently published by Dr. Joseph Mercola says that all the fruit and vegetable seeds on Earth will possibly face extinction in about 80 years. Many are alarmed by this finding, most especially the seed experts at Home and Garden America (HAGA). For the HAGA experts, this... - March 28, 2015

Home and Garden America Prepares Its Survival Seed Packs for Spring 2015

With springtime just a week away, orders for Home and Garden America's heirloom survival seed packs on Amazon.com are coming in like crazy. To ensure that every customer order is fulfilled, the company has decided to increase its seed bank survival inventory. This way, every transaction will go... - March 25, 2015

Amazon Customers Impressed by the Amount & Variety of HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds

As Home and Garden America continues to build a good reputation as a trusted heirloom seed vault seller, more and more people are recognizing the special effort that the company puts in its products. - March 25, 2015

HAGA Expert Shows the Practicality of Raised Beds for Urban Gardening

As organic gardening gets more and more popular with the younger generation, the need for space-saving methods rises especially since most millennials live in urban cities with very little space to plant seeds and grow vegetable gardens. To solve this problem, a top expert from Home and Garden... - March 22, 2015

HAGA Publishes New Blog Post on Natural Pest Control Methods

Dealing with pests is a normal part of a gardener's life, but a little help can go a long way. - March 21, 2015

Customers Commend HAGA Survival Seed Vault’s High Germination Rate

Home and Garden America's survival seed vault has been on the market for years, and it never fails to make a lasting impression on many of its customers. Recent buyers are particularly fascinated by the ability of the seeds to germinate fast, which is an essential factor when it comes to buying a... - March 16, 2015

HAGA Shares the 5 Best Tips for a Sustainable Garden

More people are now taking up vegetable gardening in order to lead a heathier and more ecological lifestyle. While this growing interest in sustainability is truly impressive, many novice gardeners still need help in growing their seeds organic heirloom for the best results. To guide newbies in... - March 16, 2015

HAGA’s Best-Selling Vegetable Seed Packs Exceed 250 Customer Reviews on Amazon

Home and Garden America (HAGA) is pleased to announce another key milestone in the company's history. The Nevada-based heirloom seed company has now received more than 250 customer reviews on Amazon.com—making it one of the most trusted heirloom vegetable seed sellers online. Chuck Harmon,... - March 15, 2015

HAGA Gears Up Its Survival Seed Kit Supply for the New Growing Season

Earlier today, a spokesperson for Home and Garden America (HAGA) shared some of the company's preparation plans for the upcoming growing season. HAGA's strategies will focus on increasing its non-hybrid survival seed kit supply in order to meet the rising demand of its gardening... - March 12, 2015

Organic Gardeners Excited to Plant HAGA’s Survival Seeds This Spring

Organic gardeners all over the world have been waiting for months for spring to come. And now that it's almost here, they can hardly contain their excitement. - March 08, 2015

HAGA’s Heirloom Survival Seed Bank Orders Spike Up as Spring Draws Near

With springtime just a month away, several home gardeners have already begun ordering Home and Garden America’s heirloom survival seed bank in preparation for the new growing season. For many growers and gardeners, spring is the perfect time to plant a bountiful garden. But in order to... - March 02, 2015

HAGA Reveals the Two Easiest Methods to Determining Soil PH Levels

During a recent interview, a renowned expert from Home and Garden America revealed the significance of knowing a garden soil's pH level. The pH shows whether a soil is too alkaline (having a pH greater than 7) or acidic (having a pH less than 7). Soil pH should be the primary focus before starting... - March 02, 2015

HAGA Predicts More Gardeners Will Grow Heirloom Pepper Plants This Year

Heirloom vegetable gardening has made an impressive comeback over these past few years. For many households, it's not enough to just plant any vegetable at home—it matters to grow heirloom varieties to get the most flavors and health benefits. This conscious preference for heirlooms has also... - March 02, 2015

HAGA Discusses the Importance of Garden Planning for a Thriving Garden

Home and Garden America has just updated its website with an interesting blog post. - March 02, 2015

HAGA’s Seed Packs Chosen as the Best Heirloom Seeds by Amazon Reviewers

Home and Garden America has always been on the forefront when it comes to heirloom seeds, but the overwhelming positive response from customers further cement the company's position as the best supplier of heirloom organic seeds non gmo on Amazon.com. - March 02, 2015

Amazon Reviewers Praise Home and Garden America’s Exceptional Customer Service

Home and Garden America's heirloom survival seed packs are now selling better than ever, and with this success comes positive feedback from customers on Amazon.com. - March 02, 2015

Home and Garden America Signs CRG’s Safe Seed Pledge

Home and Garden America, a respected non-GMO seed company based in Nevada, has been a long-time advocate for organic food gardening, seed saving, and keeping a survival seeds vault for emergency preparedness. - February 21, 2015

HAGA Shares the Top 3 Organic Gardening Methods to Try This 2015

As a tribute to the 2015 growing season, Home and Garden America shared its highly-recommended organic gardening methods for this year. HAGA's top 3 choices involve vertical gardening, pallet gardening, and survival gardening using heirloom survival seeds. The first organic gardening method that... - February 19, 2015

Survival Enthusiasts Recommend HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds for Storage Purposes

In recent years, devastating calamities have severely affected various areas around the world. The high probability of more unexpected disasters has definitely urged people to start thinking about survival. Many have now turned to emergency preparedness, food gardening, and saving heirloom seeds... - February 19, 2015

HAGA’s 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack Grabs #1 Spot on Amazon’s Herb Plants & Seeds Category

Home and Garden America (HAGA) released a statement this morning regarding the latest achievement of its 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack. The product was revealed to have earned the top spot on Amazon.com’s Herb Plants Seeds category. The survival seeds pack was launched in late November... - February 19, 2015

HAGA to Offer Free PDF Guide for Its 47 Varieties Vegetable Seeds Pack

One of Home and Garden America's representatives confirmed that the company is currently working on a PDF guide for its forthcoming 47 Varieties seed pack. - February 15, 2015

HAGA’s New Blog Post Shows the Advantages of Heirloom Survival Seeds Over GMOs

Home and Garden America (HAGA) recently published a new blog post on its official website. The said post discusses the top advantages of heirloom survival seeds and why gardeners should prefer them over GMO seeds. According to HAGA, an alarming amount of vegetables and fruits are currently being... - February 15, 2015

HAGA Experts Comment on the Rising Number of Food Gardeners in the U.S.

A special report from the National Gardening Association (NGA) has learned that the number of food gardeners in the United States is now at an all-time high. - February 15, 2015

More Consumers Boycott GMO Seeds and Prefer Heirloom Vegetable Plant Varieties, HAGA Analyst Finds

One of Home and Garden America's gardening analysts has learned that more food gardeners are now drifting away from GMO seeds and switching to heirloom vegetable plant varieties. According to the analyst, this change in gardening preferences is largely influenced by the increasing awareness against... - February 12, 2015

HAGA Garden Seeds Gain More Recognition as Number of Food Gardeners Increases

Home and Garden America (HAGA), a top-selling online seed company, has observed an increase in the number of food gardeners in recent years. - February 07, 2015

Amazon.com to Be Exclusive Retailer for HAGA’s Upcoming 47 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack

A representative from Home and Garden America (HAGA) confirmed earlier this morning that the company's upcoming 47 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack will be exclusively available on Amazon.com. "The fast service, exceptional deals and useful customer review system are just some of the reasons why... - February 07, 2015

HAGA Announces 47 Varieties Organic Heirloom Seeds as New Addition to Product Line

Home and Garden America (HAGA) released a statement this morning revealing the company's plans to release another emergency seeds kit. The new product will be marketed as the 47 Varieties Organic Heirloom Seeds Pack and it will have a total count of 8,425 organic seeds. News of this up-and-coming... - February 04, 2015

Survival Seeds Are a Must When It Comes to Preparedness Supplies, Says HAGA

As more and more unforeseen calamities and disasters occur worldwide, the need for a dependable food supply becomes absolutely necessary. Obtaining food during an emergency situation can be a daunting task, and this realization has caused many people to purchase food preparedness supplies such as... - February 04, 2015

HAGA’s 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack Boosting Sales on Amazon.com

A spokesperson for Home and Garden America (HAGA) recently shared that the company's 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack have been selling well on Amazon. It is a significant achievement for HAGA, considering that the seeds pack has just been in the market for two months. "We're very... - February 04, 2015

Increasing Awareness Against GMOs Prompts People to Grow More Heirloom Seeds and Plants, HAGA Says

Gardening has been around for ages. Over the years, it has naturally become one of the most beloved hobbies worldwide—and it continues to attract even more enthusiasts each year. Heirloom vegetable gardening, in particular, has been catching the attention of many organic gardeners today. This... - February 01, 2015

HAGA Preparedness Expert Reveals Why a Survival Seeds Vault is Critical for Survival

One of Home and Garden America's top preparedness experts recently gave an interview about various survival gardening techniques. He also stressed the importance of planting a survival garden and having a survival seeds vault ready for emergency situations. "Preparedness is the key to... - February 01, 2015

HAGA Reveals the Best Benefits of Growing Heirloom Seeds Survival

Home and Garden America's CEO, Chuck Harmon, shared the remarkable benefits of choosing heirloom seeds survival for gardening. He revealed the details during a public event held earlier this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Many families seem to have a tough time reducing their household expenses,... - January 30, 2015

Home and Garden America Achieves New Milestone with Over 200 Reviews on Amazon

Home and Garden America (HAGA) has achieved yet another significant milestone on the web. - January 29, 2015

HAGA Reveals Plans for Upcoming 101 Varieties Heirloom Organics Seed Vault

Home and Garden America, a non-GMO seed company in Nevada, announced over the weekend its plans for a brand new heirloom organics seed vault. The upcoming product will include a wide range of heirloom fruits, vegetables and herbs that are suitable for home gardening and survival... - January 29, 2015

HAGA Uploads New Youtube Video About the Importance of Having an Heirloom Seeds Kit

Home and Garden America has recently released a video about its latest product called the 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack. The said video discusses the importance of having an heirloom seeds kit for disaster situations. According to HAGA, keeping an heirloom seeds kit is one of the most... - January 12, 2015

HAGA 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Live on Amazon.com

HAGA's new 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Vault is now available for purchase on Amazon.com, a company spokesperson revealed today in a meeting with the Board of Directors. - December 24, 2014

HAGA Expert Comments on Mendocino County CA GMO Ban

In 2004, Mendocino County, CA played a key role in the fight against GMO products. On March 2nd that year, Mendocino became the first American county to officially prohibit the growing of GMO foods and animals. Home and Garden America and other long-time advocates of non-GMO seeds and organic... - December 23, 2014

HAGA’s 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds PDF Guide Now Includes USDA Hardiness Zone Information

Home and Garden America stated today that the PDF guide for its popular 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack will now include the USDA hardiness zone information for each of the seed varieties. The company's eagerness to make gardening much easier for its customers prompted this recent... - December 17, 2014

Free Planting Guide for HAGA's 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack Now Complete

Home and Garden America, a Nevada-based company that offers doomsday supplies like heirloom survival seeds, has just confirmed the completion of their brand-new PDF guide. - December 17, 2014

HAGA’s New 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack Enroute to Amazon.com Warehouse

Home and Garden America's much-awaited 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack has finally reached completion and the initial batches are currently being shipped to Amazon.com's warehouse. A spokesperson for the seed company unveiled this news yesterday during a special interview. "Our brand new... - December 16, 2014

105 Varieties Emergency Seeds to Begin Selling on Amazon.com by End of Month

Home and Garden America's new 105 Varieties Emergency Seeds has just been confirmed to be launched by the end of this month. - December 08, 2014

HAGA Finally Unveils New Brand Name to Represent Its Heirloom Seed Products

Home and Garden America (HAGA) recently held a press conference to announce the new brand name for their non gmo, organic heirloom seeds. - December 08, 2014

News of More Toxic GMO Crops Getting Approval Affects HAGA and Other Organic Seed Companies

The USDA's approval of more toxic breeds of genetically-modified crops badly affects concerned consumers, small-scale farms and organic seed companies like HAGA. - December 05, 2014

Medicinal Herb Seeds Gain More Popularity Among Home Remedy Enthusiasts

A recent survey about herbal medicine practices revealed that more people are now growing medicinal herb seeds to create natural home remedies. "Herbs are widely used to enhance the aroma and flavors of our favorite dishes, but they're getting gaining recognition for their healing qualities... - December 03, 2014

HAGA Finalizes New 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Product

Home And Garden America recently held a press conference and revealed that the company is finalizing its new survival seeds product. "We will soon be adding a new seed pack to our current line of heirloom seed products. The said pack will feature 105 heirloom seed varieties that are perfect... - December 03, 2014

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