Brian Eaton to Release New Dystopian Prog-Concept Album, Tabernacle for the Sun, October 6

The new album by Brian Eaton is a prog-rock concept that begins like a scene out of a dystopian Spaghetti Western at high noon. Inspired by the concept and enigmatic phrase found in Psalm 19, the album explores the revelation of the sun as both a manifestation of the Divine and a metaphor for the Divine. And the ultimate consequences for man’s rejection of this revelation. - July 28, 2023

The New Single by Brian Eaton Covers John Lennon’s "Mind Games" for Its 50th Anniversary

While building on the classic elements of Lennon’s original version, Eaton injects his own brand of rock along with some Beatles’ overtones into the timeless song. The result is an eloquent track built on the original arrangement to forge a modern rock anthem that evokes lingering hippie sentiments of peace and love. - May 05, 2023

Brian Eaton Unveils New Album, "All the Earth Will Mourn," with Help from Two of His Favorite Jazz Artists

The new album by Brian Eaton explores jazz fusion in new directions. Seven-Time Grammy winner Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group) raved it "will take its listeners on a wonderful musical ride..." And Jazz violinist pioneer Jean-Luc Ponty proclaimed, “The ambient element in his music made me feel good right from the beginning..." - August 27, 2022

Stumptown Solo Artist, Brian Eaton, Announces Pensive New Album, All The Earth Will Mourn, Out Aug 26

The new album by Brian Eaton, available August 26, features a pensive collection of original compositions seeking to express passages in Scripture with a wide-ranging terrain that crosses borders between jazz, symphonic, and jazz-rock while balancing simplicity and sophistication: from epic orchestral arrangements to intimate ambient guitars. - June 08, 2022

Rose City Rocker, Eaton, Releases an Unexpected & Eclectic Proggy-Jazz, Bass-Centric Project

Musician/Producer and Allegra Drums Artist Brian Eaton releases new album, The Known Space Project, today. Though a bit of a departure from his usual vocal rock sound, Eaton has returned to his jazz/fusion roots. The July issue of Bass Musician Magazine announced, “Eaton’s new project is an eclectic expanse of ethereal atmospheres and fields of magnetic, lyrical melodies orbiting a core of contemporary jazz and prog idioms." - September 17, 2021

Brian Eaton Announces New Instrumental Album, The Known Space Project, Out Sept. 17

Brian Eaton will release his third full-length album, The Known Space Project, on Friday, September 17. Though a bit of a departure from his usual vocal rock sound, Eaton is no stranger to jazz/fusion. The new instrumental album consists of nine original compositions showcasing the... - July 08, 2021

Brian Eaton Donates Half of New Album, "Hard Bent," Out November 16

Available for Pre-Order September 21, Eaton is Donating 50% of New Release to Semper Fi Fund Charity. - September 18, 2018

New Music Videos For Release by Eatin' Recording Artist Brian Eaton

After a Long Awaited Follow Up to His Debut Solo Rock Album, Graphic Nature, Musician/Producer, Brian Eaton, Dials Up Two New Videos - June 28, 2017

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