Creative Biolabs Opens Applications for the 2024 Scholarship Program

Creative Biolabs, a leading CRO, is proud to announce the opening of applications for its 2024 scholarship program. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to students within the biotechnology industry, supporting their academic pursuits and research endeavors. - May 19, 2024

Creative Biolabs: Summarizing Malaria Infection Mechanisms and Introducing Biotherapeutic Discovery

Creative Biolabs introduced the discovery of biomolecular approaches targeting Plasmodium, aiming to assist academia and the pharmaceutical industry in relieving the malaria health crisis. - April 25, 2024

Creative Biolabs: Illuminate Neurological Disease Research and Therapy Development with Customized Animal Models

Creative Biolabs is proud to announce its new-year resolution to dive deeper into sourcing professional animal model solutions for neurological disorder studies. - March 15, 2024

Creative Biolabs Supplies Recombinant Antibodies for Pharmaceutical Breakthroughs

Creative Biolabs reaffirmed its dedication to supplying high-quality antibody reagents in 2024. - February 28, 2024

Booth Unveiling Soon: Creative Biolabs and Ingenious Antibody Products at AET US 2023

Creative Biolabs highlights its participation in the upcoming Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics US 2023 conference, taking place from December 13–16, 2023. The event will be held in San Diego. - December 07, 2023

Creative Biolabs Unveils ADC Services, Igniting Excitement in the Biotech Industry

Creative Biolabs, a prominent provider of groundbreaking biotechnology solutions, proudly announced the expansion of its antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) business with the introduction of novel services. In response to the escalating demand for precision therapies, ADCs have emerged as a promising... - October 29, 2023

Creative Biolabs: Going Above and Beyond to Advance Immunology Discovery

Creative Biolabs updated strategies in order to help achieve success in immunotherapy discovery. - May 10, 2023

Creative Biolabs Provides Full-Fledged Solutions for Progressive Exosome Research

A newly released market research reports on the prosperous future of exosome research. - April 14, 2023

Creative Biolabs Looks Forward to a Year of Prosperity for Exosome Studies

Creative Biolabs expressed hopes that further progress could be made in the field of exosome research. - March 08, 2023

Creative Biolabs Updated Solutions to Support the Intensive Research on Exosomes

A recent market report reveals the huge potential of exosome research, which is gaining mounting research fever across the industry. - February 11, 2023

Novel Melanoma Diagnostic Tool: MicroRNAs-Associated Extracellular Vesicles Endorsed by Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs identifies a suite of exosome services to advance basic research based on microRNAs-associated extracellular vesicles as novel diagnostic tools for melanoma. - December 21, 2022

Updated Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program Specialized for Students in Sciences

Lately, Creative Biolabs released its scholarship program for the year 2021. As an expert biotechnology CRO specialized in the field of antibody production and engineering, Creative Biolabs is always willing to support young and ambitious talents in the medical and science-related fields. The 2021... - June 10, 2021

Creative Biolabs Collaborates with Creative Biomart to Offer Bio-Similar Cell Lines for the Production of Recombinant Proteins

Creative Biolabs and Creative Biomart collaboratively launch the bio-similar cells lines, which aim to promote and facilitate the research in biotechnology led to the production of recombinant proteins, therapeutic MAb etc. with views to its clinical application. - January 23, 2014

Creative Biolabs Announces the Start of Year-End Promotion for Its Full Monoclonal Antibody Sequencing

Creative Biolabs today announces that it will begin to accept the end of year promotion for its full mAB sequencing services/products. - November 27, 2013

Creative Biolabs Launches New Service—Membrane Protein Production

Creative Biolabs expands its service lines to membrane protein production based on its unique MemProTM technique. - November 08, 2013

Creative Biolabs Designs Novel Techniques to Solve Problems Met in Dimerization of ScFv/Fab

In designing strategies for dimerization of antibody fragments, Creative Biolabs has developed novel techniques to solve tricky issues, such as stability and homogeneity of the dimers, resistance to proteolytic cleavage during in vivo assembly, efficient production of preferably soluble protein,... - September 22, 2013

Creative Biolabs Launches "One-Stop" Phage Display Services

After services expansion, Creative Biolabs is delighted to announce the launch of “one-stop” phage display services for researchers and institutions. - September 08, 2013

Creative Biolabs Works with UEC for Commercial Phage Display Technology

Creative Biolabs works with UEC for a bioscience and technology program. During the time, Creative Biolabs offers custom phage display construction and screening services by signing a custom service contract for commercial pre-made library. - August 30, 2013

Creative Biolabs Establishes Solid Platform for DNA Sequencing of Monoclonal Antibodies

Creative BioLabs has established a solid platform for DNA sequencing of both IgG and IgM types of monoclonal antibodies produced by mouse and rat hybridoma cell lines. - August 29, 2013

Creative Biolabs Expands Custom Immunoassay Kits for Quantitative Detection

Corresponding to markets needs, Creative Biolabs decides to expand its original custom immunoassay development services. - July 26, 2013

Creative Biolabs Launches Hi-AffinityTM Technology Platform for the Development of Human Antibodies

The human antibodies derived from the novel technological platform have the highest affinity ever enabled by an in vitro antibody production technology. - July 20, 2013

Creative Biolabs Announces Featured Protein Array Services to Facilitate Researchers’ Study

Protein arrays make it possible to gain the high-throughput, parallel analysis of thousands of bio-reactions, including protein-antibody, protein-protein, protein-ligand, protein-drug and enzyme-substrate interactions. Creative Biolabs offers a series of high-density human, E. coli, SARS and Herpes protein arrays as well as custom staining services on the arrays. - July 18, 2013

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