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Announcing BRAQaR - Backup Risk Assessment Questionnaire and Report, a Small Business Audit Tool

BRAQaR is a questionnaire style software business tool, designed for a manager or owner of a small to medium sized organisation to use to action an ‘internal audit’ of disk data backup activity. - January 12, 2007 - BRAQaR Software - Don Jefferies and Associates Ltd.

My Spot Online Launches All-in-one Web Hosting Plans

My Spot Online has recently launched two new web hosting plans that allow customers to get online quickly and easily. The plans include everything that is needed to create a presence on the Internet, and even include the domain. "Unlike some other web hosts, who sell each service... - November 05, 2006 - My Spot Online

WSI Launch First New Zealand e-Commerce Website in the Office Furniture Market

WSI together with Office Furniture 2U today launch the first e-commerce website in New Zealand specifically for the Office Funiture market sector. - October 07, 2006 - Web Strategic Initiatives Ltd of New Zealand

New Zealand Gifts Retailer Reduces Shipping Prices for Customers, the leading online New Zealand and Kiwiana gift retailer has today released it’s new worldwide shipping prices. The new cheaper shipping prices will allow customers to purchase gifts and jewelry from New Zealand at massively reduced shipping prices. Due to high fuel... - September 24, 2006 - Silverfernz Ltd

Kiwi Traveller Now an Option in Palmerston North

People in Palmerston North were today blessed with the news that Kiwi Traveller intends to continue its services from Palmerston North to Ohakune, National Park and Taupo. Commenting generally about the end of the North Islands train service Kiwi Traveller managing director Chris Barber said... - September 12, 2006 - KiWi Traveller

Rotorua to Wellington With Kiwi Traveller, Another Route is Added

Kiwi Traveller - New Zealands famous transport network today announced a great new deal in public transport. Rotorua to Wellington. - September 12, 2006 - KiWi Traveller

Kyaking with Kiwi Traveller, New Zealands Favourite Backpacker Transport

Kiwi Traveller, known for its best value transport in New Zealand today announced the addition of Kyaking to their list of awsome backpacker activities. - September 12, 2006 - KiWi Traveller

Kiwi Traveller Launches Hop on and Hop off services between Auckland and Wellington (And Wellington to Auckland)

Kiwi Traveller - New Zealands favourite transport network is today pleased to announce the launch of their new Hop on and Hop off services between Wellington and Auckland. - September 12, 2006 - KiWi Traveller

Our Global Predicament through the Lens of Tolkien's World

"The View From Middle Earth" is a recipe that blends philosophy and social awareness, marinated in outrage and urgency, liberally spiced with Lord Of The Rings allegory and analogy and steeped in the atmosphere of the epic war for Middle Earth. - September 08, 2006 - Middle Earth

New Forum Allows the Public Worldwide to Publish Permanent Obituaries and Epitaphs

Permanent epitaphs and obituaries can now be posted to to honor family and aid genealogical and family history researchers. - June 20, 2006 - World Epitaph Ltd.

Global Turf Manufacturer – TigerTurf International Enters Americas to Produce High Technology Synthetic Turf Surfaces Locally for Better Value

TigerTurf International’s new subsidiary, TigerTurf Americas, to produce tested, customized and branded synthetic turf solutions for all levels of sport, from football to lawn bowling. - May 17, 2006 - TigerTurf Americas

Catch the Online Train as Fuel Prices Rocket

Consumers are changing their shopping habits as gas & petrol prices soar. - May 01, 2006 - Web Strategic Initiatives Ltd of New Zealand

How Does Your Site Score?

A new website lets you do a free check-up on how well your site stacks up in search engine ranking and offers you tips on how you can make your site easier to find by the search engines most frequently used by the general public. - April 24, 2006 - Anzatea Ltd.

Why you Don't Need to be a White House Press Secretary to Have your Press Releases Read by Everyone

Press release distribution and how to get the best results from press releases. - April 21, 2006 -

Class Actions News - Launches Classactionsnews Blog to Report on Class Actions News announces launch of new class actions news blog for class action lawsuit news. - April 07, 2006 -

New E-book Reveals How to succeed with 1StepSystem

Stephanie Woolford-Bales reveals how she has made $20,500 in just two weeks selling the "Ultimate Marketers Toolbox" - The standout product marketed through the 1StepSystem. Find out how you can too. - April 06, 2006 - Flying Pig Productions

Cell Phone Website Ignites Privacy Issues

The launch of a new website allowing camera phone videos to be sent directly online has reignited the camera phone privacy debate. - February 14, 2006 - VideoPxt

ScienTOMogy Website Tells Church of Scientology "We're Keeping Our Domain. See You in Court"

Last month the Church of Scientology issued a cease and desist order to the Tom Cruise parody website, demanding they shut down the or face a law suit of up to $100,000. The website's owner has now hit back at the church stating "We have researched this and believe their claims are completely frivolous." He believes this is simply a way of "scaring any critics into instantly backing down at the prospect of costly lawsuits regardless of their innocence." - November 14, 2005 -

Able-Gold is Hacker Safe, Wouldn't You Rather Use a Hacker Safe Exchanger?

Able-Gold has taken the extra step to increase our web site security and data protection by employing ScanAlert's HACKER SAFE to test and certify our web site to be HACKER SAFE every single day! - September 07, 2005 - Able-Gold

E-Business Profits Now Accessible by NZ Hospitality Industry

World leader in internet consulting to showcase opportunities at Hospitality NZ. Online travel services like flight and hotel reservations online are now a critical part of the hospitality industry. - August 17, 2005 - WSI Internet

Able-Gold Security First Announces Their New Website Launch Offering Secure E-gold Purchasing with Credit Card

Able-Gold announces their new website launch by offering customers an easy and secure means to buy e-gold with a credit card. These credit card purchases are done via increased security and protection from using Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode programs. - July 12, 2005 - Able-Gold

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