Cell Phone Wellness Courses to Help Students to Overcome Shyness

iHelpWellness.com offers free innovative cell phone powered program for overcoming shyness for college students. This clinically proven innovative system helps students make real life changes by providing support, motivation and tips at any time throughout the day.

Cell Phone Wellness Courses to Help Students to Overcome Shyness
Topeka, KS, September 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- iHelpWellness.com is offering its unique cell phone powered self-help support program free of cost to college students. iHelpWellness and the innovative Walk-With Learning™ system offer a wide variety of self-help courses, but specially designed programs to help students overcome shyness on campus have been developed in time for the new college year. New courses are added frequently.

Self-Help on your Cell Phone as Long as You Need it

You can now sign up and receive the full iHelpWellness cell phone subscription service for free which allows total access to all available Walk-With Learning™ courses. There are no catches or gimmicks, and there is no credit card requirement. All you need to do is sign up and you're good to go.

Don't Let Shyness Ruin Your College Years

There is no better time to make friends than during your formative student years. However, new social situations and crippling shyness can instead make student life an awkward and lonely time. All too often shy students are simply told to 'go out and talk to people,' but overcoming shyness meeting people is a lot more difficult than that.

Shyness eats away at self-esteem. Being shy leads you to ask yourself, "Am I always going to be on my own?" "Does anybody actually like me?" These feelings of inadequacy not only prevent you from making friends in college, but can also prevent you from finding that 'special someone.'

Nobody functions well socially when they're constantly worrying about how others see them and wondering why everybody else is perfect while they aren't. Blushing, sweaty palms, general anxiousness, and increased heart rate when speaking to strangers are all signs of shyness that anybody can suffer from at any age, but can feel much worse if it's your first time away from home at college.

How to Overcome Shyness using your Mobile Device with Walk-With Learning™

Creator of Walk-With Learning™ Adam Powell said of the iHelpWellness service, "Timely support throughout the day is imperative to achieving self-help and wellness goals. For anyone struggling to overcome shyness, it's been scientifically proven that cell phone assistance helps achieve goals. I incorporate the Walk-With Learning™ into the treatment schedules of my clients, and now everybody, including students, can utilize the same revolutionary technology to overcome shyness 100% free at the push of a button." The user is responsible only for any internet access and text messaging fees.

The Walk-With Learning™ system is an innovative method of self-help program delivery that literally walks you through specific assertiveness skills to help you overcome your debilitating shyness using your mobile device or computer email service. Most self-help programs rely on an individual's memory and motivation to follow through with daily self-improvement and wellness tasks making it all the more difficult to be successful.

Walk-With Learning™'s innovative system provides social reminders, mini-assertiveness sessions, and structured support to boost your confidence all day via mobile technology. With your cell phone at hand during the day, your overcoming shyness cell phone program is always with you wherever you are, helping you become more sociable. By keeping your self-help program within reach this unique system leads to a more confident and assertive you.

About Adam Powell

Adam Powell, LSCSW, managing member and project director, Bright Tiger Enterprises, LLC, is a professionally trained clinical social worker and has maintained a mental health practice since 1994. In clinical practice he specializes in helping people make solution focused changes that result in measurable real life changes. He focuses on treating depressive, anxiety, and stress related disorders, anger management training, self-growth, and emotion regulation.

About Bright Tiger Enterprises

Bright Tiger Enterprises, LLC, owners of iHelpWellness.com, was founded by Adam Powell in June, 2003 for the purpose of launching the Walk-With Assistant and iHelpWellness.com. The goal of Bright Tiger Enterprises is to blend the strength and versatility of wireless internet access into mobile structure, support, and encouragement for self-help patrons.

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