The Second Web – A Whole New Internet?

The Second Web – A Whole New Internet?
New York, NY, September 22, 2008 --( "The Second Web" is an unique concept to sell advertising space on the internet by selling Domains on a Virtual, second World Wide Web.

Julian Z., an austrian student, started the project as an approach to creating a whole new world wide web. Their Home-Page ("") features a virtual web browser that allows users to browse through a completely new internet. Domains are being sold for USD 5,- each. The only Top Level Domain currently availible on The Second Web is dot com. Domain owners can put unlimited content on their SecondWeb pages, including links to pages in the "First Web", which makes Domains on "The Second Web" an interesting advertising opportunity.

In his blog, the founder claims of having already received a lot of domain orders on the first day of launch, and according to Twitter Feeds, there really seems to be an interest in this new, unique form of advertising. Domains like "" and "" have already been registered on The Second Web, but there still seem to be a few good domain names available.

"The Second Web" surely is an interesting new concept. Ii's definitely worth a click – and maybe a domain.


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Julian Zehetmayr