Wingate's 2nd Novel, "Bobby's Diner," Screams Into #5 Slot of Bestseller List

After only 6 weeks in ebook format, "Bobby's Diner" hits the bestseller list for the publisher.

Wingate's 2nd Novel, "Bobby's Diner," Screams Into #5 Slot of Bestseller List
Friday Harbor, WA, October 21, 2008 --( Susan Wingate's 2nd novel, "Bobby's Diner" makes a mad dash into place #5, sandwiched between novels by Charlotte Bronte and Zane Grey. Not bad company.

After receiving some pretty hefty and positive reviews, Wingate's ebook sees great things for its release in paperback this coming February 2009.

About the book's success, Wingate stated, "I think I squeaked when Arline Chase (, my publisher, sent me the email telling me "Bobby's Diner" went to bestseller status. You always hear about other author's getting there but when it happened to me it felt unreal, like I was hearing the news about someone else - I was happy for them but couldn't really connect, you know? It was surreal. Hey, I'm thrilled. What can I say?"

"Bobby's Diner" is a story of a woman trying to find herself in a town where nobody wants her. Georgette Carlisle, twenty-five when she saunters into the rustic town of Sunnydale, Arizona, snags husband, Bobby, away from another woman, Vanessa Carlisle. After he dies - fifteen years later when the story begins - he leaves his restaurant called Bobby's Diner to both women. But, that's not the only problem. Bobby's Diner, situated on an attractive highway corridor property, is slated as the next boutique tourist site and sits smack in way of Zach Pinzer's dreams and future with Chariot International Incorporated, a large developer headquartered in Phoenix. Even after Zach arranges to destroy their property and fatally wounds their beloved busboy and gardener, he nearly kills Roberta, Vanessa's daughter. Georgette and Vanessa hold fast to the only thing they have, each other, and they fight. Georgette's story tells a tale of life, love, death, grief, pain, loneliness, and redemption. And, she finds her true family with the most unexpected people.

Reviews for "Bobby's Diner" are coming in with statements like:

"You will find yourself saying 'just one more chapter' over and over again. It is one of those rare books you won't want to put down" - Joyce Anthony, author of "Storm",

"A breathtaking story..." - Coffee Times Romance (in a 4-cup review: an Outstanding Great Read),

"Heart-warming and realistically funny" - RD Larson, author of "Evil Angel"

And, while the great news continues to roll in, Wingate will be readying herself for the kick-off of the "Bobby's Diner" book tour which will take place from March 2009 until July 2009. She will be making stops in Phoenix, Wikieup, AZ, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Friday Harbor and Bellingham, WA. That's just for starters.

For up-to-date information on the "Bobby's Diner" Book Tour go to website:

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