Clear Fusion Orthodontic Hybrid Retainers

Clear Fusion Orthodontic Hybrid Retainers
Port Jefferson Station, NY, February 23, 2009 --( Clear Fusion Orthodontic Appliances Ltd, Located on Long Island has introduced a new concept in Aesthetic Orthodontic Retention...

Today’s patients, especially those completing clear aligner therapy, do not want Wires or the Hawley type retainer. The Invisible Retainer has been available for years, however this appliance lacks rigidity and support. Clear Fusion Retainers are designed to combine the comfort and aesthetics of invisible retainers and the strength and effectiveness of Hawley-type retainers.

The Clear Fusion Hybrid Retainer, has taken the best features of the Hawley and Invisible Retainers and have combine them into a brand new appliance. Our new appliance has taken the Invisible Retainer to the next level. The result is a clear, invisible appliance that is extremely comfortable to wear and has Rigidity. These appliances are all Patent Pending.

Clear Fusion Hybrid Retainers are wireless appliances suitable for long-term retention following conventional or aligner orthodontic treatment. They can be custom made in a full spectrum of transparent colors.

Clear Fusion is the New Clear Choice in Orthodontic Retention!

Let's Go Wireless!


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Clear Fusion Hybrid Orthodontic Retainer

Clear Fusion Hybrid Orthodontic Retainer

Aesthetic Clear Fusion Retainer