Latest Ted L. Nancy Book Sells Well

Continuing strong sales from established author and author now writing new book in this series along with information of a TV Pilot by a major Television Studio.

Glendale, CA, March 26, 2009 --( The newest book by Ted L. Nancy “Hello Junk Mail” is selling so well that Mr. Nancy is now working on a sequel to it.

Ted L. Nancy is the author of the three smash bestselling “Letters From A Nut” books. Ted’s newest book “Hello Junk Mail!” released last November was written with the Kabobby family of Glendale. The Kabobbys are a foreign family that, along with Ted, answered their junk mail.

Since it’s release in hardcover, the book has been a steady seller in stores and on the Internet. It has solid sales rankings on Amazon.Com and Barnes & Noble.Com.

That’s prompted Mr. Nancy to now write “HEY JUNK MAIL, WHAT’S UP?” This time with the Itchee family of Glendale. Yoshi Itchee, his wife Wu Itchee, Grandmother Hoo Ha Yum, and her boyfriend Admiral Leung Shrimp Yee reached out to Ted for help in answering their junk mail. Ted has cleared his schedule, taken his Internet medicine - Canadian knockoff - and dug in. (The Itchees live near Ted at Ted’s summer mailbox in Glendale where he spends the off months vacationing.)

But who is Ted L. Nancy? Is it Hamooli Kabobby who has admitted co-authoring “Hello Junk Mail” under the pseudonym Ted L. Nancy? Is it his wife Geela Kabobby, who admits she is Ted L. Nancy? Is it Yoshi Itchee, an Asian man who recently opened an illegal Starbucks in his home? Or is it, as many believe, Jerry Seinfeld who wrote introductions and blurbs for all 4 books? Still others, according to many Internet sources such as Roger Friedman of Fox News, have surmised that long-time Seinfeld friend and collaborator Barry Marder really wrote the “Letters From A Nut” books. Mr. Friedman writes in his Fox column about “Letters from a Nut”: “This column has surmised over time that the real Nancy is comedian and writer Barry Marder, long a Seinfeld chum and collaborator. Marder has never confirmed it, and checks sent to Nancy by his publishers are filtered through a third party to protect his identity.”

And now Lionsgate Television - winner of the Emmy for best television series - “Madmen” - has produced a television Pilot Presentation “Sincerely, Ted L. Nancy” based on the “Letters From A Nut” books about a man who writes letters to companies and dignitaries, gets responses, and then goes on adventures based on the letters. That Pilot is exec produced by Barry Marder & Chuck Martin (“Arrested Development).”

Ted’s personal Norwegian attorney, Eric Bjorgum, says: “This is one weird situation. Ted should sell t-shirts & golf pencils.”

While “Hello Junk Mail” (illustrated by Alan Marder), continues to sell strong, stay tuned for “HEY JUNK MAIL, WHAT’S UP?” by Ted L. Nancy and the Itchee’s of Glendale. Perhaps that will once and for all clear up who is the real Ted L. Nancy®.

Mr. Eric