Hollywood Tough Guy Proves Bad Economy is Good for Dummies

One Hollywood actor is dealing with the bad economy, by taking matters into his own hands (Literally)

Hollywood Tough Guy Proves Bad Economy is Good for Dummies
Los Angeles, CA, June 30, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Once known as the heavily-muscled sidekick to Conan on the 90s television series of the same name (see attached photo), acrobatic actor, Robert McRay mysteriously left Hollywood overnight, just as his career was taking off. Back then, he often fell into the typical action/adventure category as being "all brawn, and no brain."

Today McRay is walking proof that looks can be deceiving. While most actors struggle against the undertow of a troubled economy, McRay rides a wave of his own creation... Still possessing the body of a barbarian warrior, he now prefers to make dummies, rather than portraying them onscreen.

McRay constructs complex mechanical sculptures that have the look and feel of ventriloquist figures, but are actually one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted creations. Word spread quickly, with clients including art-collectors, corporations, individuals seeking something very unique and some of the most celebrated entertainers in the world today. McRay is putting his own bizarre twist on an old art form.

His latest piece is shockingly charming, as it depicts a pair of elderly Siamese Twins, one black and one white. Although the Siamese concept has been attempted many times, none have succeeded aesthetically… Until now.


While this sculpture is obviously bizarre, the social message is subtle, yet intentional. Inside the heads are a complex mechanical configuration of brass levers, rods, springs and wires, all of which operate a myriad of facial features. From inside the body, an operator can make the sculpture move its mouth, open and close its eyes, look around the room, smile and even stick out their tongues. The Siamese Twins are more than just a mechanical achievement. They "reflect an artist at the very top of his game."

To see the Siamese Twins, and view his other creations (including a mechanical caricature of Obama), visit the gallery page and click on the creation of your choice.


One thing is for sure… The "Siamese Twins" already have a lot of people talking, even if they don't move their lips.

Contact: Robyn Barbee, (818) 386-8489

For more information about Robert McRay: www.robertmcray.net

Credentials: Robert McRay has been a produced screenwriter for both television and film, a commercial producer for Disney, a respected mechanical artist, an accomplished actor in feature films and television, and the author of the unconventional fitness book Killing the caveman. His recent return to Los Angeles finds him in development with a television show.

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