Debuts New Online Social Networking Community Connects Sports Fans, Teams and Athletes is a new social networking community for sports fans, teams, and athletes. Instantly create your free online sports fan profile to connect with other sports fans and your friends. If you belong to a team, you can now instantly create your free online team profile to interact with your team fans and groupies. Debuts New Online Social Networking Community Connects Sports Fans, Teams and Athletes
San Jose, CA, October 05, 2006 --( New site is quickly gaining a following among sports fans and even teams. The site lets anyone create their own fan page and teams create team pages, complete with photos, videos, and personal information. Additionally, gives members a variety of ways to contact each other, all in the quest to help everyone become friends with everyone else in the online sporting community.

"Our dream with is to make the world a better place, one sports fan at a time," says site creator Jason Hu. "People who normally don't get along - even countries at war - become friends at a sports event. Sports is a source of enjoyment and human endeavor that brings out the best in all of us," Hu said.

Teams can create a center where everyone involved with the team from coaches to the person who watched the team for the first time on TV last night can gather to learn, meet, celebrate, and discuss. This online Team Profile page can be created in less than one minute using's advanced yet easy-to-use features.

If a member belongs to a team for their school, company, organization, or just with their friends, the member can now easily have an online team page for their team.

"Teams can then use their team profile to connect and interact with its fans. Our initial research showed this is one of the most compelling features and competitive advantages here at," Hu said. works hard to connect like-minded sports fans. Even in the Internet age, it is still difficult for people who like the same teams or sports to connect and interact.

"For instance, have you ever gone to a ball game and wondered who was that beautiful woman you met? Or, let's say that you're a 49ers fan living in Texas. It might be difficult for you to find other 49ers fans in the Cowboys State," Hu pointed out.

Among many other things, has helped season tickets holders for one team locate and communicate with other season ticket holders. This lets a team's most enthusiastic and regular fans become friends with people who share their love of the team. is 100% free and open to anyone with an interest in sports. Get more details and join the online community connecting sports fans at

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Jason Hu