Frank Lloyd Wright's Granddaughter Publishes Parents' Courtship Letters from the Great Depression

Sainte Foy la Grande, France, November 25, 2009 --( Frank Lloyd Wright’s youngest granddaughter, Elizabeth Catherine Wright, has just published the love letters her parents wrote during their courtship at the height of the Great Depression, 1932-1933. Dear Bob, Dear Betty: Love and Marriage During the Great Depression, tells a remarkable story of two young people, both abandoned by their fathers at a young age, who fall in love and marry in the midst of the twentieth century’s greatest economic crisis.

Today’s readers will find many echoes of the current economic crisis in the financial turmoil and struggle invoked in the letters. The book is also a sequel to recent titles exploring the tumultuous years of Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal life, as it highlights the fallout from these events on the next generation.

Nancy Horan, author of Loving Frank, says: “Dear Bob, Dear Betty is a testament to the power of hope and determination in the face of daunting obstacles.”

Wright discovered the letters in her parents’ house shortly before her mother’s death, and was fascinated by the suspenseful story they told. A scholar of French literature, she says: “My preparation of this book has led me to rediscover the passion and depth of my own family heritage.”

Drawing on both family memoirs and public documents, Wright annotates the letters with information about events, language, and personalities of the time, and has written an Introduction telling her parents’ story before and after the courtship. Thirty-five illustrations and an Index further illuminate the family and social history behind the letters.

Dear Bob, Dear Betty is available in both paperback and hardcover versions. Order directly online, or ask your local bookstore to order a copy for you:


Elizabeth C. Wright is an emeritus scholar and professor of French literature who currently resides in southwestern France. She can be reached at:
Elizabeth C Wright
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