JBISoft's Latest Technology, jbiFusion, Designed to Connect Disparate Information to Help in Identifying Terrorist Activity

Fairfax, VA, January 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- JBISoft, Inc., a professional services, research and development company, announced today that its latest application of jbiFusion™ would have helped to connect all of the disparate information from the multiple intelligence sources to counter and isolate the Nigerian underwear bomber.

jbiFusion™ is a Java-based framework for the creation of intelligent agents and provides a virtual knowledge system for singular access to any and all data, information, and knowledge that can be monitored on a daily basis. Software agents are deployed to collect and normalize data from a variety of relevant sources. These sources can include RSS feeds, email servers, databases, outputs from special alerting systems, and even blogs such as Twitter, to name a few. Once information is aggregated and categorized from the multiple sources, correlated results can be visualized with built-in geo-mapping components and shared among users and external systems, presenting reliable and actionable information.

In Jack Jeanes' opinion, CEO of JBISoft, "had JBISoft software been used, authorities would have been more likely to be able to identify this issue earlier. Unfortunately, the jbiFusion™ technology, which could have performed this task, wasn’t being used in any of the current counter terrorism centers or in any other application chartered with isolating possible terrorism.”

Rather than using people, intelligent software agents can be used to process information provided from data sources from intelligence communities, FAA, INS, local and federal law enforcement, coalition partners, and others. The intelligence agents of the jbiFusion™ system process the data from these sources using customizable ontologies and rules sets to correlate possible critical events, thereby alerting the authorities. An available foreign language plug-in module provides extraction of common terms in a variety of languages to analyze foreign intelligence as well information from foreign public sources. The end result is to automatically provide answers to who, what, when, where and why. By answering these key questions, the system would tremendously improve the rapid first response by getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

Currently, core technology components of the jbiFusion™ analytics engine are being used in the Event Management Framework (EMF) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) program for the Department of Defense. EMF is a GOTS web-based, command and control, decision support assistant that provides automated content discovery, data reduction, data correlation, and alerting capabilities that enable watch officers to be more effective and efficient in the daily Command Center activities. EMF ingests multiple sources of structured and unstructured information (e.g. Really Simple Syndication [RSS] data feeds, Internet searches, etc.), with the capability to correlate multiple incidents and alerts in order to isolate and define events in progress. This provides a clear situational awareness of emerging events and the development of coordinated Courses of Action (COAs) to manage them.

JBISoft's areas of expertise include Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Knowledge Fusion, Information Assurance, and Collaboration. JBISoft provides a platform independent framework for the creation of intelligent agents coupled with a virtual knowledge system for solving a variety of data acquisition, correlation, and analysis problems. These automated systems result in accurate, relevant, reliable, and timely intelligence. This means pro-active intelligence and complete situational awareness, allowing the ability to stay ahead of the adversary in real-time war fighting, counter-terrorism, and network operational environments.

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Jack Jeanes