Nancy Peach Erotic Artist to Perform Live at Femina Potens Gallery, San Francisco on February 7th, 2010 for the Pin Me Up, Pin Me Down Show

Announcing Nancy Peach in her first live performance to produce oversized, luscious oil paintings of Pin Up Models. The buzz is all about her abilities as an artist, teacher and producer.

Nancy Peach Erotic Artist to Perform Live at Femina Potens Gallery, San Francisco on February 7th, 2010 for the Pin Me Up, Pin Me Down Show
Sausalito, CA, January 16, 2010 --( Nancy Peach has taken the Erotic Art World by storm this past year. With over 13 shows in a 9 month period, she has become the woman to watch.

Painting on enormously large format canvases and using buttery oils is Nancy's trademark. Portrayal of sensuous figurative work is sublime and must be seen live.

It's interesting to see how Nancy Peach displays these intense and engaging images of human sexuality without slipping into a dark and sinister atmosphere. Her colorful drawing style and quite open compositions are surely preventing this, but it's also the way she lets her bound subjects enjoy the kinky play they are involved in.

"Artistically her work shows connections to Pop Art, the “linear” approach and vivid colors remind us of Roy Lichtenstein or even Warhol's famous print series. However what Nancy Peach's is doing in her paintings is much more tactile and material driven, a style that suits the more sensual nature of her work perfectly." This excerpt was taken by an article written just recently in the Art of Love Publication.

On February 6th, Femina Potens Gallery will be presenting Nancy Peach at their Pin Up Show. The next day will be a workshop by Nancy Peach that will demonstrate to the audience how to paint the pin up in oils.

Nancy's agenda is jammed with deadlines as the project to cover the wall of the Armory in San Francisco began with a photoshoot this week. Mistress Lilian Hunt and her puppy will be immortalized in oil by Nancy Peach for a deadline sometime in February with an unveiling sometime in March. Plans are tentative for another piece to adorn the adjacent stairway in the Upper Floor of the Armory. Peter, the owner has generously provided the opportunity for this fabulous art to be developed.

Nancy's work is available for purchase or rental. Just recently receiving a call on Christmas day when someone wanted to adorn their home with Nancy's work. Off Nancy went on Christmas day to deliver and hang her collection. The work continues to hang at the home, as they became addicted to the work and offered to rent it. Who knew? Nancy is flattered and quite honestly living life with enormous gratitude to all her supporters and collectors.

The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival has given Nancy permission to enter the 8ft tall painting. The possibility exists for Nancy to be working live at the event, depending on the judges.

Check her website to find out about upcoming events and artwork to purchase and rent.

Nancy Peach Erotic Artist
Nancy Peach