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Truck drivers are being mandated to follow routes that are suitable for their vehicles. For small to midsized fleets the requirement can be an extra expense in an already challenging economy. A new program offers an economical method of determining truck friendly routes without the added expense of equipping each driver with a dedicated trucker friendly GPS. TeleType combines the use of it’s new WorldNav Truck PC software with Google Earth for an unlimited number of drivers to use free of charge

Boston, MA, February 12, 2010 --( Throughout North America, truck drivers are being mandated to follow routes suitable for trucks. Many drivers may already have a non-truck specific GPS and yet they would like the security of knowing how they should drive without the added expense of a truck specific GPS. From the makers of the first portable GPS for truck drivers comes the first solution to combine the benefits of truck specific routing with the ease and convenience of Google Earth maps. Following it’s mission of “Know Before You Go,” TeleType is offering an updated version of their WorldNav software for small to mid-sized fleet owners and independent drivers providing the ability to create and view truck-friendly routes using a standard Windows computer equipped with the PC version of the WorldNav Truck software. Desired routes can easily be exported and viewed using the highly detailed and up to date Google Earth maps using any laptop computer having Wi-fi access. The new tool can be used by novices and veterans alike as a cost effective way to achieve truck friendly routing. Drivers prefering a live display of the route can use their laptops outfitted with an optional GPS receiver to obtain real-time tracking of their position. TeleType also offers stand alone truck GPS models for drivers who prefer a dedicated solution.

WorldNav commercial truck routing takes into account low bridges, commercially restricted areas, and hazardous material transport limitations and offers flexible routing options. Also included is an extensive database of over 12 million points of interest, including truck stops, weigh stations, restaurants, and hotels. WorldNav PC Truck routing combined with the advanced features of Google Earth such as traffic congestion, weather, and 3D building display, drivers can start a trip knowing that their route is safe for truck travel and be informed of current traffic and weather conditions, further minimizing uncertainty for commercial drivers. Using the WorldNav PC software, a dispatcher can easily create a route, upload it at no cost to Google Earth, verify the route, view it in its entirety, then relay the route to a driver. This tool is designed for small to medium sized trucking companies looking to offer accurate dispatch and mapping at a fraction of the price and complication associated with large fleet dispatch systems.

WorldNav PC software (Part #5099, $299); optional USB GPS (Part # 1259, $95). TeleType also offers dedicated trucker GPS models.

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Established in 1981, TeleType has emerged to become a leader in the field of Global Positioning Systems and was the first company to offer a portable GPS solution for commercial truck drivers. TeleType specializes in software systems integration and innovative products for a variety of industries. Products range from the user-friendly GPS navigation systems to advanced developer tools such as Software Developer Kits (SDK). This latest program innovation is yet another example of the pioneering advancements that has—and will continue to— set TeleType apart in the field of GPS technologies.

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WorldNav Export to Google Earth Documentation

WorldNav Export to Google Earth Documentation

Documentation showing the process of creating a truck friendly route using WorldNav PC software and exporting to Google Earth for viewing.