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Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure is Primary Reason for Sleep Quality Decline

Attributing poor sleep quality to 24/7 internet access or stress due to economic woes is a huge misinterpretation of facts. A little known company has built a decade long reputation providing clients the best sleep they’ve had in years despite good or bad economic conditions and regardless of the primary cause for declining sleep quality; uncontrolled proliferation of radiofrequency (RF) emitting wireless and cellular devices at home, school, work and in the environment.

Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure is Primary Reason for Sleep Quality Decline
Coral Harbor, Bahamas, The, March 25, 2010 --( The return to Daylight Savings tends to remind us of the importance of just one more hour of good quality sleep per night. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2010 poll, sleep duration has yet again diminished year over year.

Paul F. Becker, pulsed-magnetic Sleep on Command™ product developer says “Scientists and sleep professionals have never attributed deteriorating sleep quality to radio frequency (RF) exposure. Radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields from cellular telephones and masts, home cordless phone systems and wireless computer networks insidiously invade the bedroom and our lives. With brain cancer finally being linked to radiofrequency, perhaps one of these years the scientific community will wake to the fact that its destroying peoples sleep as well. Unfortunately intellectuals with MD’s and PhD’s are being dumbed-down by deteriorating sleep quality themselves, and that fact certainly isn’t going to help in the identification process.”

Becker’s pulsed-magnetic Sleep on Command™ technology is based upon a single premise, that ultra- low-frequency (ULF and very bottom end ELF) Earth generated electromagnetic fields correlate perfectly with the sleep brain-wave spectrum. We have relied upon these natural fields for eons to maintain healthy homeostasis, stress free awake states and deep sleep.

These extremely weak planetary rhythms have within the last decade or two become indiscernible to the biological systems due to the magnitude of proliferating RF. Becker says “If you look at when sleep quality began changing a decade or two ago, and overlay proliferation of wireless, you cannot deny the relationship. If people don’t recognize the effects RF has on the neurological and biological systems soon, homosapien is going to have a tough time surviving this century. Regulators in Washington just don’t understand this. Perhaps they’ve got to see a few more of their peers die of brain cancer before they begin to understand exposure to RF is bad, very-very bad.”

Since 2001 the company has helped nearly 4000 clients regain control over their circadian rhythms. Since late 2008 their success rate is 94% (based upon returns for refund under their well-established unconditional guarantee). It’s a well-known fact that over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids don’t work nearly as well as advertised. Add short and long term toxicity and other well publicized side effects of these medications and there is little comparison that should be made.

Visit their website to read about the health and longevity effects of their pulsed-magnetic sleep-machine; and be sure to read the full RF report - Why We Don’t Sleep Well Anymore.

For a well-documented piece on the science of how pulsed magnetic signals induce and maintain sleep, read their previous release Futuristic Sleep Machine Now Reality.

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