Groton Utilities Selects NorthStar Utilities Solutions' MeterSense MDM

NorthStar Utilities Solutions' MeterSense MDM is becoming the fastest growing mid-market meter data management solution. Combining business process oriented solutions with energy analytics and solid reporting, MeterSense is the MDM of choice. Groton Utilities in Groton, CT is using MeterSense as part of their smart metering project.

Groton Utilities Selects NorthStar Utilities Solutions' MeterSense MDM
Decatur, AL, March 30, 2010 --( NorthStar Utilities Solutions' MeterSense MDM has been selected as the meter data management element of the smart metering program at Groton Utilities in Southeastern Connecticut. The smart metering project is just one of many initiatives at Groton that are aimed at providing the highest level of customer service at the lowest possible cost. This means driving every possible benefit out of its smart metering investment. MeterSense uses automated validation routines to ensure the quality of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data while minimizing manual intervention to drive efficiency and control costs. MeterSense also monitors the performance of the AMI system itself so that the slightest performance issue can be identified and quickly corrected. This will allow Groton to maintain its high level of customer satisfaction, through timely and accurate billing, while minimizing the effort and cost of cleansing and managing the huge volumes of smart metering data.

"MeterSense is an important part of our smart metering project. We need to ensure we get complete, high quality data for billing. MeterSense can automatically clean up the data as well as streamline our customer service processes, so we can keep working efficiently," explained Noel Wehner, Project Manager for Groton Utilities. "It can also help us understand any communications issues with our advanced metering infrastructure."

The MeterSense solution monitors the performance of the AMI network by tracking the data coming in. The solution reports on the completeness of the data and identifies any communications irregularities. Meters are plotted on a map with communication issues highlighted by color, showing the user what to select in order to determine the problem.

In addition to optimizing its billing processes and monitoring its metering system, Groton expects benefits in other areas. By managing the huge volume of information and automatically exchanging it with other systems, MeterSense will help Groton to continue improving the way it coordinates with its supply agency and cooperates with other utilities in the area to get the best pricing.

About Groton Utilities
Groton Utilities is a municipally owned and operated utility providing Electric, Water, Cable TV and High-Speed Internet Access services to thousands of consumers in Southeastern Connecticut. The mission of Groton Utilities is to be the Premier Utility Service Provider in the Northeast. Groton prides itself on providing a high level of customer service at the lowest possible cost.

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Utilities will get a chance to see MeterSense on display at the CS Week conference in Nashville, May 24-28. Visit us to learn more about how MeterSense can help utilities turn their smart grid visions into realities.

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